13:44 GMT02 August 2021
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    The Russian arms manufacturer says it has begun work on the next generation of the Buk medium-range advanced defense missile system.

    The V.V. Tikhomirova Scientific Research Institute of Instrument Design announced on Wednesday that work has begun on the development of new versions of the Buk self-propelled medium-range surface-to-air missile system.

    "The management of Almaz-Antey, our parent company, has given us the task of working out a proposal for the further development of the Buk air defense missile system," Yuriy Beliy, NIIP's general director, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday.

    "With Almaz-Antey, we will present our proposals to the Ministry of Defense. But, without waiting for a final decision [from the MoD] and with the full support of the company, the scientific research institute has already initiated work on developing long-term technical solutions."

    Beliy explained that the latest developments in aerospace attack technology have made the further development of the Buk missile system a necessity.

    "We must not pause in the development of equipment capable of countermeasures, including the development of equipment for ground forces engaged in air defense."   

    Beliy also confirmed that the Buk-M2E system will be on display at the International Aviation and Space Salon, an airshow which takes place August 25-30 in Zhukovsky, close to Moscow.

    "Almaz-Antey's exhibition space at the International Aviation and Space Salon will be used to demonstrate the 24 target air defense missile system, and its training apparatus," said Beliy.

    Self-propelled Buk 2 M2 missile systems during a full dress rehearsal of the V-Day Parade on Red Square, Moscow
    © Sputnik / Alexander Vilf
    Self-propelled Buk 2 M2 missile systems during a full dress rehearsal of the V-Day Parade on Red Square, Moscow
    The first incarnation of the Buk self-propelled medium-range surface-to-air missile system was developed in the USSR by the Fazotron Scientific Research Institute, and was first introduced into service in 1978. 

    The Buk-M2E advanced defense missile system, which entered into service in the Russian army in 2008, has a speed of up to 65km/h, and can operate in temperatures up to ± 50°C and wind speeds up to 30m/s.

    It is capable of taking down a tactical ballistic missile within a range of 20km and cruise missiles at a 100m altitude within a range of 20km. It can destroy aerodynamic targets with a maximum speed of 830m/s flying at an altitude of between 0.015km and 25km, and within a 3km to 45km range.

    A single missile can destroy tactical ballistic missiles with a probability of between 60 percent and 70 percent, and destroy tactical aircraft and helicopters with a probability between 90 percent and 95 percent. 


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