04:05 GMT19 September 2020
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    No matter what troubles plague US-Russia relations and how intense tensions or rhetoric over Ukraine or NATO military buildup become, Washington needs Moscow's help in areas ranging from Iran's nuclear program to space exploration.

    Russia and the United States have an impressive record of successful cooperation. The Friday launch of a a Russian rocket carrying supplies to the International Space Station is a prime example.

    "After two failed attempts – one American, one Russian – in recent weeks to send a food, water, and toothpaste-laden chuck wagon to the space station's crew, Friday's problem-free liftoff was applauded all around – no matter what flag the rocket bore," Howard LaFranchi wrote in a piece for the Christian Science Monitor (CSM).

    On Sunday, the Russian Progress-M28M cargo spacecraft successfully docked with the ISS. The successful delivery came a week after the SpaceX Falcon 9, carrying a Dragon cargo ship with supplies, exploded minutes after liftoff.

    Moreover, Russian spacecraft remain the only means of bringing astronauts to the ISS due to NASA's 2011 decision to abandon the space shuttle program, and will remain so until the shuttle's replacement becomes available in late 2017.

    Space is not the only area of US-Russia cooperation.

    According to the CSM, American and Russian diplomats are working towards the same goal in talks aimed at ensuring that Iran's nuclear ambitions are peaceful. The negotiations have entered their final stage; the comprehensive deal is expected to be signed within days.

    LaFranchi is also convinced that the US-led multinational efforts set to tackle the Islamic State are beneficial for Russia. "Russian President Vladimir Putin has every reason to root for the coalition's success, given his own battles with Islamist extremists," he noted.

    Washington and Moscow may be at what LaFranchi referred to as "sharp odds" with each other but they seem to set their issues aside to tackle significant challenges and achieve mutually beneficial goals.


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