07:16 GMT26 February 2021
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    Russian engineers are working on unique, electronically controlled, materials able to “fool” cruise missiles and other smart weapons, Rossiiskaya Gazeta wrote, citing the press service of Roselektronika Holding Company.

    Under the impact of electronic impulses, the protective fabric is not only able to change its color, but can also imitate complex graphic profiles, even foliage trembling in the breeze.

    "Synthesized materials could become a perfect antidote to high-precision weapons, which self-home on the basis of target recognition and analysis. The new material ensures visual, not thermal or electromagnetic, invisibility, Deputy General Director of Radioelektronica Holding Igor Klochko told the newspaper.

    He added that the new material could also have civilian applications and be used in computer displays and screens built according to eye-friendly non-electronic ink technology.

    High-tech means of camouflaging military hardware, combat units and control and communications centers have been developed by Russia’s defense-industrial complex for quite some time now.

    A new technology of creating false divisions of ‘Yars’ mobile missile complexes using holograms was unveiled during the Russian Defense Ministry’s Innovation Day exhibition held in October 2015.

    Huge holographic images are created by special laser installations identical to missile systems in their dimensions.

    The resulting image can create holographic decoys, and may disguise real launchers in the background of the surrounding area.

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