16:54 GMT +323 February 2017

    Deadlier Than Terminators: WATCH Russia's Unique Robotic Tank in Action

    © Photo: Youtube/ TV Zvezda
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    The Russian Defense Ministry has unveiled a unique video highlighting the battlefield abilities of the one-of-a-kind Uran-9 robotic tank, Zvezda TV channel reported.

    The latest in a long line of military robots made in Russia, the Uran-9 unmanned ground combat vehicle is loaded with a machine gun, a 30mm cannon that fires 350 to 400 rounds per minute, a coaxial 7.62mm machine gun and a battery of supersonic guided missiles.

    The Uran-9 is remotely controlled, so there’s always a human directing the machine. It was developed to provide reconnaissance and fire support to infantry and counter-terror units.

    According to the developers, Uran-9 will not be treated as a weapon system but rather deployed with an infantry unit.

    Fully loaded, the Uran-9 weighs around 10 tons and looks like a small tank.

    It also boasts a cutting-edge laser warning system, target detection, high-tech identification and tracking equipment.

    “Russian developers possess all the expertise they need to create modern military robotics that will be in demand on the international market. This is a fast-growing segment of the arms market, so we will develop and implement a long-term marketing strategy for promoting such pieces of hardware, including as part of integrated security projects,” said Boris Simakin who heads the Analysis and Long-Term Planning Department at Russia’s official arms trader Rosoboronexport.


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      Looks like 1930 all over again. Russia did used the TELE TANKS. But since must generals were good at horses, and dis liked tanks, they went out with no support vehicles. Many never made it to the theater. the one's that did, well... It was a short experience. Plus they lacked firepower to defeat AXIS tanks.
      German captured some. Thanks to the mentality of Russian BRASS. But once the AXIS alliance, ALL EUROPE, got to the Russian doorsteps, Mere meter from MOSCOW, and Georgy Zhukov took over, THEN things began to take shape. He was the only one with MECHANIZED COLUMNS experience. When HE defeated Japan.
      In 1938 he began war with Japan. Where? Border with Manchukuo. It lasted a year. Manchukuo, wanted to expand. BUT, they never counted on that Russia had tanks too.
      Japan sent 80,000 troops, 180 tanks,and 450 aircraft, approximately for the push over.

      They claim the victory was because Russia overtook Japan's supplies. But , I don't buy it.

      And overwhelming Artillery barrage,, began the decimation. Underwater bridges, that would look like, nothing was there and more, saw japan ambition's quickly turned into burned rice.

      This tanks look perfect to go with tank brigades. Patrol areas where of course infantry is. Heli's like the MI 17 could quickly move troops around, SU 30 ad MIG 35, could patrol the skies. Yet, other assets. But this could mean only another familiar call. " THE RUSSIAN'S ARE COMING!!" RUN!!!

      There are helicopters that can avoid small arms fire, add those and they be hard to defeat.
      POOR DAESH. Terrorists will call the pope to ask protection. Or the Kirill.
      They will promise to behave to U.N, IF they protect them from Russia. Al Qaeda already did. that. CIA was RUNNING FOR THE HILLS.
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