17:16 GMT +319 February 2017
    The first freight train crosses the new railway checkpoint between the Russian station Makhalino and Chinese station Hunchun, Jilin province

    Unprecedented Feat: Russia and China to Build Railway to Eastern Siberia

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    Russia and China signed an agreement to construct a railway line linking eastern Siberia to the Chinese province of Jilin in the north-east of the country.

    Experts will start the project in the next two to three years, said the chief engineer of the construction company of China Railway Tunnel Group Ltd. Wang Mengshu.

    According to the specialist, the realization of the project will begin in the next few years.

    “Start of the construction work is expected within 2 to 3 years,” Bloomberg agency reported Mengshu as saying.

    Earlier, Fu Ying, a spokeswoman for China's National People's Congress said that Russian-Chinese cooperation will continue to develop in a healthy way despite any possible external factors.

    “[The relations with Russia] are at the highest level of development in the history of our bilateral relations. External factors will not have any impact on them, they will continue to develop in a healthy way, because it corresponds to the interests of the two countries,” the spokeswoman said at a press conference.

    Moscow and Beijing efficiently cooperate within the existing economic and banking projects, striving to increase bilateral trade.

    Among the venues of economic cooperation are the China-proposed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the BRICS New Development Bank, the Silk Road infrastructure fund, and the China-Russia Expo.

    In late January, Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that relations between Russia and China had reached their highest level ever.


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      Why can't the US do anything like this? So much effort on hurting people and doing bad things.
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      Commercial ties and rail lines--just two of many things the Outlaw US Empire can't stop between Russia and China!
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      karlof1in reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, Those really are the only things the Outlaw US Empire knows how to do.
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      Everyone knows that a large portion of US GDP comes from the military industrial complex (MIC) and banking. US can't even build trains for subway. It is much profitable to maintain the dollar while invading other countries and in the process giving large contracts to the MIC. They simply need to print money and buy stuff from abroad with that dollar.
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      No matter how the EU and US progress with TTIP, the fact that Russia and China have the infrastructure in place (including ports) will take TTIP out of the zone for major industrial benefits? Interesting times ahead and all completed and up and running, before the EU can conduct an emergency meeting haha.
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      Menwhile AmeriCuns Murdered more Brown people in foreign lands ... AmeriCuns are Happy and smiling ...
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      The last time US wanted an army to take on the entire world, and take out the biggest empire at that time (the British Empire) and the second emerging economy (the Soviet Union), they created the Third Reich. but the german army needed something to make it move, impossibility to live in Germany. they made it back then, and they would make it real again. Tried and trying still. But what do you do if you still fail in creating the army to push in front? US needs that army of people unable to live in their country, and US is also to be considered. If they cannot push in front another army, then the last resort is to push in front the american army. For that they need to make life impossible in USA for the majority of the US's people... For that they will try to wage and win economic wars, but NOT to improve the life of the majority in USA. They will not repair roads and bridges, they will not rebuild industries and they will not create jobs, and i get tired of enumerating... Do not delude yourself, the plans for the 3rd WW are not dropped, it is just that most people are not aware exactly how the 2nd WW was prepared.
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      China and Russia should keep the dirty hands of Jew Anglo bankster fraudsters out of their mega projects.This will keep the illegal immigrants and terrorists away from their beautiful lands.
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