19:42 GMT04 July 2020
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    Predictable Landslides and Voting Disasters in Wisconsin

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    On today's BradCast, we cover the results, the fallout and the voting disasters from Tuesday's Primary Election in Wisconsin - the most important parts of which continue to be ignored by the bulk of the corporate mainstream media.

    First up (after a bit of breaking news out of West Virginia), both Ted Cruz on the Republican side and Bernie Sanders on the Democratic side, reportedly won their respective Presidential Primaries yesterday by huge numbers and record turnout. Yet, with the growing likelihood of contested conventions for both the Republican and Democratic parties, the corporate media continue to downplay the Sanders surge against Hillary Clinton (he's now won 7 of the last 8 nominating contests, most of them by 'yuge' margins), even as they continue to go round-the-clock in their coverage of Donald Trump and the GOP nomination fiasco.

    They also continue to ignore the difficulties that so many Americans are having even casting their vote, thanks, in particular in Wisconsin, to the GOP's Photo ID restriction law that we've been warning about for a very long time and which resulted in untold thousands of voters, particularly at universities around the state, waiting in lines for hours — if they were able to wait at all and if they were able to get the "proper ID" — to simply cast a vote. (See this very short video of a very long line, by way of just one example, if you don't believe me.)

    If it was this bad for a Primary in WI (and in Arizona, Illinois, North Carolina, Missouri, Florida and elsewhere, so far this year), imagine what November will be like when all 50 states vote at the same time. The MSM better start ignoring those concerns immediately!

    We then take a few listener calls and emails on all of the above (including my thoughts on the "Bernie or Bust" movement) before our latest Green News Report with Desi Doyen on the Keystone pipeline springing a leak, another heat wave in Alaska, new details on the number of Americans who will be killed by climate change, and much more that, coincidentally, is also being under-reported and/or completely ignored by the mainstream corporate media…

    You can find Brad’s previous editions here.

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