07:04 GMT18 June 2021
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    Bolton’s Plan for Syria; Pope Francis vs Nationalism; Taliban Talks Cancelled

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    Bolton’s tour of the Mideast aims to influence the future of Syria by explaining the grand strategy that Trump has in mind after he surprisingly announced his plans to withdraw American forces from there.

    Freshly back from a brief break at the beginning of the year, this week's show starts off by explaining the fake news bill that the Russian Duma will soon be deliberating. Then it examines whether Wikileaks' request that media organizations not say 140 things about Julian Assange amounts to a "censorship list" or is just an "ethical guideline". After that, the next topic on this week's countdown is the reason why the unofficial peace talks between the US and the Taliban were cancelled. Once that's done, the show then moves along to covering Pope Francis' crusade against nationalism. And finally, our top story of the week is how Bolton's ongoing tour of the Mideast will influence the future of Syria.

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