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    Pentagon Chief Calls Iran 'Single Biggest State Sponsor of Terrorism'

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    US Defense Secretary James Mattis labeled Iran as the biggest sponsor of terrorism in the world.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Iran is the world's biggest state sponsor of terrorism, and the international community is responsible for keeping the country in check, US Defense Secretary James Mattis said on Saturday.

    "As far as Iran goes, this is the single biggest state sponsor of terrorism in the world. And I think it is wise to make certain Iran recognizes that what it is doing is getting the attention of a lot people… It does no good to ignore it," Mattis said at a press conference in Tokyo.

    He added that the United States and other nations "have the responsibility to be absolutely clear with Iran in this regard," but that he saw no need to increase the number of US forces in the Middle East at present.

    Mattis is currently on a visit to Japan, where he arrived on Friday following his trip to South Korea.

    On Friday, US National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan also labeled Iran as being among the largest sponsors of terrorism in the world.

    Mattis' comment comes after Tehran launched a ballistic missile near the city of Semnan on January 29, the latest in a series of tests, which began shortly after the implementation of the 2015 nuclear agreement.

    In response, the Trump administration on Friday sanctioned 25 individuals and entities that provide support to Iran’s ballistic missile program and to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Quds Force.

    The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), signed by Iran, the European Union and the P5+1 group of countries comprising the United States, Russia, China, France, and the United Kingdom plus Germany in July 2015, stipulates that Iran must maintain a peaceful nature of its nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief.


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      try looking in a mirror.
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      Very funny
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      Not good!!! Dangerous lies!! Trump needs to cool this down. Or was Trump as bad as McCain all along and just pretended to want a different foreign policy? Because this is NOT different from Clinton's position.

      And let's be clear. The crack pot protestant loonies of the bible belt did NOT get Trump elected. They were willing to accept Cruz or Rubio. The people who want the focus on the US and NOT foreign invasion, etc. are the people who won this election for the GOP. Don't forget that too fast, or the GOP will start seeing new faces in those protest crowds.

      We'll revisit this in 2018 if this keeps up. This is absolutely the last chance for the GOP for a lot of voters.
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      U$ talking about themselves again !
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      ViTranin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, Trump is worse than Mkane, Obongo together
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      jasin reply toViTran(Show commentHide comment)
      ViTran, So far, the idiots and criminals in the US government are proving you right. I have no idea how many US voters support the neocons, but I'm NOT one of them.
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      Walter Wolf
      USA will always need the line of enemies with first, second. third, and so on officially declared threats.
      Notable fact is that Russia which is in that line of evil states does not have a single officially recognized enemy on the Earth (except ISIS).
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      ViTranin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, I know there are a few ... But Trimp has been there about Two Weeks and already wants Troops on the Ground in Iran; conducted a Botched Raid in Yemen; Embraced the Nazis in Kiev Ukraine and supports the Genocide; place illegal sanctions on Iran ... it is allowed to fire rockets under its "Treaty" that US signed and the list Goes On
      World War was avoided under Obongo's watch .. chances this time are next to Nil ..
    • Drain the swamp
      Incredible, its seamless this transfer of satanic deception from brennan & co to mad dog & co ?!! Gotta be a big evil spirit inside the Pentagon or mebbe satan itself lives there? And they have just been caught with a fake video spin story in Yemen, it may just be destiny.
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      What a total barefaced liar, fortunately only hot air, pants going on fire
    • Alan Reid
      What a bunch of dung... The CIA is world champ at terrorism and has held that rank every day of it's operation. A moron can rank the players in their sleep. The pentagon brass have some big balls to blame their war making and buttinsky attitude on anyone outside Langley. The men of power of the world KNOW just who to blame what events on and no amount of spook talk is going to change the focus they have about the roots of terrorism or who needs a punch in the face.
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      Oh yes, and you Us and Israel in which position you are please?
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      The terrorist American government surpasses everyone else combined when it comes to state sponsored terrorism.
      That's all America does.
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      Yeah, Iran is first in terrorism: first after the U.S. that is.
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      Pure propaganda! The Russian, China, North Korea should provide Iran with ready to fit nuke head in its missiles. The treaty with the USA forbids Iran produce its own nuke heads. However nobody will know if Iran has bought ready to fit nuke head to be used with Iranian missiles. Now the USA is attacking the weaken link of the alliance adding an expected headache to Russia, and China.
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      USA government is most likely the #1 sponsor of terrorism.
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      The US has an entire branch of the military made up of terrorists. We needed an army willing to torture, rape and pillage without restraint. US Army, Navy, Marines, and ISIS. I don't believe Trump is unaware of this. I had high hopes but it seems like Trump is just going to let Israel run our foreign policy, and Goldman Sachs run our treasury... like we have one.
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