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    Painted Matryoshka dolls, or Russian nesting dolls, bearing the faces of German Chancellor Angela Merkel an US President-elect Donald Trump

    Experience in 'Dealing With Difficult Men' May Not Help Merkel Manage Trump

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    The election of Donald Trump as the next US President has raised questions about the direction in which the relations between the EU and the US will go.

    So far, Merkel has largely refrained from discussing the outcome of the US election and viewed it as inappropriate when German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier did so.

    However, it should not be assumed that doesn't share Steinmeier's anxiety about the new US leader and his political plans, German magazine Spiegel Online wrote.

    "Internally, she makes no secret of what she thinks about Trump's campaign. No other presidential candidate in the history of the United States has ever violated the rules of decency to the degree that Trump has. That's how Merkel sees it," the magazine wrote.

    In particular, the magazine noted that after the US election campaign was over, she held a speech during which she tried to send a kind of a moral message to the new US president, a move that Germany had never made before. Among other things, she noted that Germany and the US "are connected by values of democracy, freedom and respect for law" and called on Trump to build relations between the two countries on the "basis of these values."

    According to Spiegel, Merkel is not worried that much about Trump's ideology, but rather about his unpredictability and his longing for popularity and admiration. The article noted that Trump's plans and statements undergo quick changes, but "his fury against all those who refuse" to love him is indeed something that is hard for Merkel to deal with.

    After viewing footage of a recent speech by US President-elect Donald Trump in Pennsylvania, German Chancellor Angela Merkel was less confident about his acumen as a statesman, and anticipates difficult relations between Europe and the United States in coming years.

    Although the magazine recalled that during her 11 years on the post of the Chancellor Merkel, got used to "dealing with difficult men," it remains unclear whether she will be able to manage such unpredictable person as Trump.

    "Merkel's problem is that she knows very little about the real estate mogul and his new administration. During the election campaign, there was only sporadic contact between the German government and Trump's people, which was also a product of the fact that few in Berlin believed the Republican candidate would actually win," the magazine concluded.


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      Trump violating rules of decency? The Clinton campaign accused him of being a pervert who prowled pre-teen dressing rumors with the help of his daughter. Sick. Trump is the solution, not the problem.
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      ":the rules of decency... Germany and the US "are connected by values of democracy, freedom and respect for law". All this from someone that has "Stassi" written all over her background. She was chosen and supported by the Obama Administration because of her leftward positions when it came to democracy, pure democracy and social democracy. You can turn her, flip her, spin her and all you will find is cultural communism at its best. Why would she pander to Trump? She was America's tool under Obama and she won't have a chance to take her shoes off in Trump's presence as she was wont to do with Hollande, Obama and anyone else she felt privy to. By the way, Putin never rubbed her feet either.
    • DeathMerchant
      So then admitting hordes of low life moslems so they can rape and otherwise abuse your fellow countrymen is not a violation of the rules of decency ??
    • Adrienne Adonis
      Merkel talks about violating the rules of decency ? How decent is she when she allowed in over a million raping migrants to her own German citizens. ? Then have the police stand down and do nothing as well as have the media silence in reporting the rapings in order to cover up her own person screw ups in letting them into her country. Trump won't screw the American people like Merkel screwed hers. Trump will enforce laws which will be the foundation of respecting the rule of law in the country ! People will not get away with rioting or creating havoc in the streets........ Unlike Merkel not controlling the migrant crisis. Now all of a sudden she is making believe to take a hard stance by saying Burkas not allowed ! But that too late, it's just political acting ..........
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      If she's spent any time with her biological father ( Hitler ) then she would have learned a few things about difficult men. If she spent any amount of time in Argentina, then I'd suggest 'yes', she has learned a thing or two.
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      in other words, a real frau.
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