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    US Intel 'Laid Itself Open to Ridicule' by Accusing Russia of Hacker Attacks

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    The United States intelligence community made unfounded allegations of Russia-sponsored hacker attacks, in favor of the outgoing US presidential administration. As a result, it made a fool of itself, according to Franz Klintsevich, the first deputy chairman of the Defense and Security Committee of the Russian parliament's upper house.

    Earlier this week, US intelligence command, US Cyber Force command and the Pentagon issued a joint statement labelling Russia as a serious cyber-threat to the US.

    In addition, the US intelligence community once again accused Moscow of hacker attacks, in an attempt to interfere with the US electoral process. On Thursday, President Obama received an intelligence report on the issue.

    "Frankly speaking, we’ve had enough of this. It’s time to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. It would be childish to deny that Russia and of course the US are very concerned about possible cyber-threats. But as for cyber weapons, there is still no equivalent to the nuclear bomb," the senator told RIA Novosti.

    According to Klintsevish, Moscow should not repeat that the allegations are unfounded.

    "What is more, they simply make no sense. The main reason is that no one can interfere with the electoral process in such country as the United States," he pointed out.

    "Acting in favor of the outgoing presidential administration, the US intelligence community laid itself open to ridicule," Klintsevich added.

    In October 2016, US intelligence officials claimed that "Russian hackers" were behind a series of cyber-attacks on the country’s electoral system. However, no evidence to the allegations has been provided by the American side.

    Russian authorities have repeatedly denied the US allegations calling them absurd and characterizing them as an attempt to divert public opinion from revelations of corruption as well as other pressing domestic issues.

    In December, media reported that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) suspects that Russia had interfered in the course of US presidential election, hacking mail servers of US citizens and organizations, including the Democratic National Committee (DNC). The agency claimed that Moscow had targeted the presidential campaign of  Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton, because it wanted Trump to win. At the same time, the FBI reportedly reached opposite conclusions from the same raw intelligence.

    Commenting on the allegations, Russian President Vladimir Putin underscored that Russia was not interested in the contents of the leaked Democrat emails. He also noted that hysteria over alleged "Russian hacker attacks" was aimed at distracting public attention from the contents of the leaks.

    US President-elect Donald Trump believes that the allegations against Russia are unfounded.

    "Intelligence stated very strongly there was absolutely no evidence that hacking affected the election results. Voting machines not touched!" Trump said via Twitter on Saturday.

    ​The US president-elect also stated on Saturday that he believes that the issue of the alleged hack of the DNC is being discussed only because the Democratic Party is "totally embarrassed" because of US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's loss in the election.

    "Only reason the hacking of the poorly defended DNC is discussed is that the loss by the Dems was so big that they are totally embarrassed!" Trump wrote on Twitter.


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      Wether the Russian's did or not matters little, the president is merely a figurhead and the Senate and House run the whole dumb show. Trump is immaterial in the overall picture and truthfully I think Russia has more important things to do than get involved with the US's lunacy.
    • Adrienne Adonis
      Trump is correct ! The Dems are beside themselves. They can not understand how they lost. They had the media and Hollywood and the support of major corporations backing them up. They had polls in their favor as well. Which we know were fraudulent to begin with. The odds were stacked up against Trump from the beginning. They mocked him and belittled him for over a year. What these socialists did not realize was how sick and tired and disgusted the American people throughout the United States were ! The American people that voted were not the white trash people Hillary said but it was an accumulation of Americans from all walks of life who all agreed that Hillary was corrupt , her Clinton Foundation was a slush fund for bribery and political favors and the trump voters wanted no more of the Obama twisted agenda. Hillary sucked as a candidate and was strictly catering to Wall Street and corporations and did not give a crap about the American tax payers. She also catered to the freeloaders of the American society as well. The Democrats are crying foul because wiki leaks proved how corrupt the DNC and its minions truly are. So to sum it all up the Dems are pissed off that they their corruption was exposed to the American public. This is a demonic entity that exposed itself.
    • sapper
      Where is the intelligent part of the intelligence services been hidden???
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      Not to worry -- In the US, the self-annointed "main-stream" media has maybe a 7% credibility. They started trafficking in fake news years and years ago. At this point, in the US, we consider "MSM news" (i.e. CIA propaganda) to be Ludicrous News.

      There are many sides to this story. For starters, if the release of Potesta's emails on Hillary's favorite practice is considered interference with a free election, it was not. In that case, if it happened, it was interference with the CIA's attemp to interfere with US elections, which has been going on already since the assassination by JFK in the 1960s. Podesta's emails show that Hillary and her team were involved in eating babies, and drinking their blood, in Satanic ceremonies, for youth and power. The so-called "Pentagon," which is really a Pentagon-Hollywood-MSM amalgam, that is financed by global heroin and cocaine trafficking operations, and its three cutout operations, namely NATO, Israel and Saudi Arabia, are doing global regime change operations, not for democracy, or for war-machine profits. They are doing it for global establishment of its religion, which is ritual child sacrifice, and ritual baby eating (literally!). Pentagon regime change operations are real;ly religion.change operations. They start with flooding an area with heroin and cocaine, progress through a period of "escalating tensions" along psychological fault lines to special operations "terrorism" to destroy local economic infrastructure, to civil war and total social breakdown. In this form of "democracy" the populations are all to willing to "cut a deal" with the baby eaters.

      If the Russians are to be blamed for attempting to right the Pentagon-MSM-CIA's effort to steal the election from the American people, and push Hillary into power, are they also to be blamed for attempting to defend themselves. The Russian people have a right to defend themselves. From what? bombs? yes-ok. But bombs and war do not frighten the Russians, or the Persians. What they want to defend themselves, and their futurity from is ... the Pentagon's religious practice of baby eating. In that case, if it was "Russia" (who dat?) that released Podesta's emails, then "Russia" was not only helping Americans, but it was also taking whatever MINIMUM steps it could take to DEFEND itself, and it future generations.

      The top brass at the US Pentagon (really, the CIA-MSM-Hollywood-Banking complex) are really sick people. Schreeching bedwetters, habitual liars, drugs traffickers, baby eaters, ... really scum. NATO, Israel and Saudi Arabia are merely high-paid crisis actors. They do nothing without direction from Pentagon brass. The CIA itself, is also a cutout. "Gen." Clapper is 100% a joke.
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      Applauses "But as for cyber weapons, there is still no equivalent to the nuclear bomb,"

      That is the only language 100% of the world population understands.
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      I'd like to forward my gratitude to both Sputnik News and RT for influencing my mind the way do. Please continue the good work.
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      Oh I don't know, U.S. intel seems to specialize in playing the clown. For example there was Brennan's pathological serial lying about "OBL's takedown" - OBL hiding behind wife's skirt, firing to the end, etc. Actually the whole bogus takedown, OBL died late 2001/early 2002. Ridiculous story for ridiculous fools. Not so funny, were the actual casualties, including that old man with only a slight resemblance to OBL, and multiple members of the supposedly responsible Seal Team in an engineered helicopter crash, which left no one alive who could testify to the fraud.
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      maxxusin reply tokazer(Show commentHide comment)
      kazer, (speaking sotto voce into mic under collar), 'oh, oh, we have another American zombified by Putin. You know what to do. Bring up another Google self driving car to take him for a ride.'
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      maxxusin reply tobertramc(Show commentHide comment)
      bertramc, yes Clapper as a general does seem to be joke. But at least the gravitas and command authority of the following are self evident: Kirby, Alexander, Hayden, Rasmussen, Stoltenberg.
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      Christians do not lie. Mr. Trump is a Christian. Mr. Putin is a Christian. Most people in the US and in Russia are Christians. The establishment is NOT Christian. Period.
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      he he just trying to give the outgoing president a good face but it could be anyone who is hacking the US even its own allied friends to gain more leverage
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      intelligence (both the community and the quality or attribute), are a threat to the usg and its agencies.
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