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    Trump's Attacks on Iran, China, Taiwan Potentially Harmful for Ties With Russia

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    While 2016 showed some promise that global politics in 2017 can improve, much will depend on the first steps of the US' new administration, according to the Head of the Russian Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee Konstantin Kosachev, who spoke to RIA Novosti about two possible models of global development in 2017.

    Both models have an equal chance of adoption, the parliamentarian told RIA Novosti.

    "The worst-case scenario would be a trivial continuation of the ongoing processes, namely enduring confrontation with the US, which sadly is only too possible if Donald Trump opts to send negative messages on Iran, China and Taiwan, and continue the military build-up," he suggested.

    It will have an impact on the relationship with the European Union, where the position of those in charge to go on with anti-Russian sanctions and Russia's so-called "isolation" will gain more support, the senator suggested.

    Under this worst but possible scenario, he added, there will be no progress neither in Ukraine, nor in Syria, which will bring the relationship between Russia and the west to a dead end.

    "Betting on the expectancy of the soonest collapse of the Russian economy, prospectless implementation of Minsk agreements through pressuring Russia alone, as well as continuation of the western support of the so-called opposition in Syria and condemnation of Damascus', Moscow's and Tehran's positions will only mean postponing any progress on key issues for a minimum of a year. Then 2017 will be lost not only for Russia," the parliamentarian said.

    Meanwhile, the best-case scenario will be ensured by the decisive actions of the US' new administration in its relations with Russia, a change of faces and sentiments in Europe, the EU pushing Kiev towards a real implementation of the Minsk agreements, implementation of the plans on Syria within the trilateral format Russia-Iran-Turkey under the constructive or at least neutral position of the West and Arab countries.

    "Under the most optimistic, however very likely developments, EU sanctions imposed on Russia might be partially lifted (at least not extended) by the summer, there might be agreements on the Turkish and Nord Streams, the resumption of Russia-NATO dialogue and a return to negotiations on disarmament and arms control, including burning issues of the global anti-ballistic missile defense, Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty and conventional weapons in Europe," the politician said.

    Konstantin Kosachev further added that Russia will be working on the implementation of the best-case scenario, however it is beyond Russia's control.

    "There is still a high risk of unexpected targeted provocations, similar to those of 2008 in Georgia and of 2014 in Ukraine. The anti-Russian rhetoric of western politicians is still very strong, hence Russia and the West are starting from less than zero," the politician finally stated.

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    • avatar
      Disarmament's and arms controls. That is the ONLY thing Russian Parliament think about? NATO talks?
      They becoming complete U.S STOOGES.
      Instead, Russian's are discontent with many issues. Mis trust authorities.. And WEST PROPAGANDA is rampant.
      And THIS is the ONLY STUPIDITY they can think of. WOW
    • avatar
      FORGOT, since when Russia and the rest have any document of ALLIANCE? IRAN deals with Russia's enemies.. Russia says NOTHING.
      CHINA do same. Buys from Ukraine and what not. So why Russia cannot buy from TAIWAN?
      See , countries MUST set examples.
      Russia refusal of create own PACE will have repercussions. BIG ONES.
    • avatar
      Russia is a second fiddle to china.russia fights all the war and bear sanctions and china reap d max advantages..stupid on russian part.
      They r dancing on china tune.
    • American Socialistin reply toK.T(Show commentHide comment)
      1. Russia is not fighting wars for China.
      2. China backed Russia in both Ukraine & Syria Crisis, both in the UN, and show of support internationally. This is massive, because China does NOT interfere with internal politics.
      3. It is because of China.. Russia's economy has not taken a crash. Mr. Putin is a very smart leader and knew he had Plan B in China and took advantage. Mr. Putin will never forget this.. even if America becomes Russia's friend.
      4. Both Russia & China have military pacts and have demonstrated support for each other. ie. the Syrian Crisis first blew up.. both Russia & China sent their Warships to Syria, Both Russia & China held war games in the Mediterranean, Both also held war games in the South China Sea.

      Russia is not stupid. They would never let another country take advantage of them. Putin is a smart man, he rescued a bankrupt country.

      - When Obama visited China.. he did not get the red carpet treatment with little fanfare.
      - When Mr. Putin arrived.. he got the red carpet treatment.. with full honors who was personally greeted by Xi. When they sat.. Mr. Putin was always next to Xi .. while Obama was off in the distance :P

      China needs Russia to protect her rear guard.
      Russia needs China's man power & money.
      Both have the same ideology.
      The relationship is mutually beneficial.
    • avatar
      Randall Lee Hilburn
      I have to constantly remind myself that every US President since Kennedy has been a frontman, and this includes Trump. He will do what he is told to do by his handlers or he will end up like Kennedy. The last President who tried to be his own man. His handlers rather than Trump will decide the future.
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      double bonus
      Russia always wants to do business with enemies of the US.
      So, you cannot expect the US to like Russia's partners often.
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