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    'My Life as a Putin Stooge': Paul Craig Roberts Expertly Trolls Feds, WashPo

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    Paul Craig Roberts, who served as the US Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy in the Ronald Reagan administration, has asked President Vladimir Putin for a Russian passport in a tongue-in-cheek opinion post published in response to a recent article in the Washington Post on so-called Russian propaganda.

    "Now that CIA agent Craig Timberg posing as a Washington Post reporter has blown my cover and exposed me as a Russian agent, I was wondering if I might ask you for a Russian passport and a bit of diplomatic cover," he said with irony, referring to the Post's national technology reporter. "I saw that you gave a passport to Steven Seagal, so I am hopeful that being a Russian agent is as important as teaching martial arts to Russians."

    Last week, the Washington Post website ran a story titled "Russian propaganda effort helped spread 'fake news' during election, experts say." The article, authored by Timberg, alleged that a "sophisticated Russian propaganda machinery" produced and spread misinformation to besmirch Hillary Clinton and help Donald Trump win the recent presidential election.

    Those who apparently express opinions different from the message spread by the corporate mainstream media were essentially branded as "routine peddlers of Russian propaganda."

    This is where Paul Craig Roberts, who has been critical of Washington's increasingly assertive behavior, comes in.

    "Don't let the Atlanticist Integrationists convince you that my exposure as a Russian agent is just a CIA ruse to plant an agent on you. My criticism of Washington's policy of raising tensions between nuclear powers and support of your policy of reducing tensions is not spy cover. I really do prefer that the world not be blown up in thermo-nuclear war. This is a suspect view in the US, but I hope it is an acceptable one in Russia," he noted.

    The American economist, journalist and blogger also joked that the Washington Post sent the FBI after him.

    "They will be very angry at me for deceiving them all those years when I held top secret and higher security clearances while I was a Russian agent," he said. "Any day now the Washington Post might discover that my fellow KGB agent Ronald Reagan and I cut taxes on the rich in order to make capitalism so oppressive that the American people would rise up and overthrow it. Boy did we fool the left-wing!"

    Finally, Paul Craig Roberts asked the Russian president for assistance in publishing his fictitious memoirs, aptly titled "My Life As A Putin Stooge." He also did not forget to inquire whether Vladimir Putin could deposit what he has earned as a "Russian agent" in a Russian bank. 

    The Kremlin has already said that it was ready to consider the matter if Paul Craig Roberts files an application.


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    • sapper
      Let's face it, the spiders in the Washington jar are losing their marbles at warp factor 10. Obviously they are sore losers and realise they haven't much time left, hence the panic stricken reactions!!!
    • avatar
      3 reasons why I also should a Russian passport:
      1. I am the courageas person who stayed this year 2 weeks in Crimea totally of my own inspite of my poor Russian.
      2. Some of my colleagues told me alreadythat with my opinions I shouldn't work in German public service.
      3. I am a permanent reader of PCR's website and spend money to his and other alternative websites every month.
      (4). Living in Russia would help me to improve my Russian
    • avatar
      PCR writes practically everyday on a subject of common interest. In my view his writing is clear, informative and ¨Down to Earth¨. My life as a Putin stooge¨- is a seriously funny piece - a biting Satire. Possibly some could have missed this. It has been mentioned that the Russian authorities are looking positively at issuing a passport to PCR should he apply. Today PCR says he would not mind possessing two passports.
      Politically and as a PR-stunt this could be a win - win scenario for Russia AND Paul Craig Roberts. It will make people stop and think!.
    • avatar
    • Adrienne Adonis
      Trump won not because of any BS fake news the west is claiming but he won because the American people were fed up with Obama and his liberal socialistic political views..... Everyone knew Hillary would follow in his liberal agenda ..... So the American people made sure the liberal agenda stopped with Obama. Donald Trump is a well know and successful businessman and his campaign touched on many issues that are wrong with the country and tha American people believed in him in rebuilding America again. Trump received a nice percentage of the African American vote, the woman's vote and the Latino vote as well..... So this campaign was not the white racist voters that the mainstream media wants readers to believe but an accumulation of Americans who were sick of the existing policies ....... THEY SAID LOUD AND CLEAR......NO MORE ! This has NOTHING TO DO ABOUT FAKE NEWS.
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