09:33 GMT22 October 2020
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    Hillary's 2016 presidential campaign has been plagued by so many scandals that Patrick J. Buchanan, a founding editor of The American Conservative, suggested that Clinton could be removed from office if she wins the upcoming US presidential election.

    Republican hopeful Donald Trump "says this is worse than Watergate. As of now, it is only potentially so," the political commentator observed. "But if Hillary Clinton, this distrusted and disbelieved woman, does take the oath of office on January 20, there is a real possibility that, like Nixon, down the road a year or two, she could be forced from office."

    "Do we really want to go through this again?" he asked.

    Buchanan offered a long list of scandals linked to Hillary, including the recently reopened FBI investigation into Clinton's handling of sensitive and classified information that ended up on her private email server while she headed the US State Department.

    In July, FBI Director James Comey announced that the agency had closed the probe into Clinton, recommending bringing no charges against her. Since then investigators have discovered thousands of Hillary's emails while working on an unrelated case, involving Anthony Weiner.

    Weiner, a former New York congressman suspected of sexting a minor, is married to Huma Abedin, Clinton's longtime aide, who currently serves as vice-chairwoman of Clinton's presidential campaign. The FBI received access to a laptop shared by Abedin and her estranged husband which contains a cache of some 650,000 emails, including those related to Clinton.

    The FBI has not said whether the newly recovered emails contain sensitive information or whether Comey will reverse his July decision. "But it does appear that Abedin misled the FBI when she told them all communications devices containing State Department work product were turned over to State when she departed in 2013," Buchanan noted.

    This case goes beyond this, thrusting the FBI itself into the spotlight.

    "Andrew McCabe, No. 2 at the FBI, has come under anonymous fire from inside the bureau as one of those most reluctant to pursue aggressively any investigations of the Clintons," the commentator narrated. "McCabe's wife, in a 2015 state senate race in Virginia, received $475,000 in PAC contributions from Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a longtime friend and major fundraiser for Bill and Hillary Clinton."

    Jill McCabe did not win the election, but her husband was promoted to FBI deputy director.

    Buchanan also mentioned unconfirmed reports that FBI agents have "been blocked from opening an investigation into charges of corruption in the Clinton Foundation." Then there are questions with regard to donations from corporations and foreign entities, as well as hefty speaking fees.

    "What appears about to happen seems inevitable and predictable," he noted. "If Hillary Clinton is elected, the email scandal, the pay-for-play scandal involving the Clinton Foundation, 'Bill Clinton, Inc.,' the truthfulness of her testimony, and reports of Clinton-paid dirty tricksters engaging in brownshirt tactics at Trump rallies, are all going to be investigated more thoroughly by the FBI."

    If the agency does open probes into these issues, they could last for years, Buchanan added.


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