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    Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump gives a thumbs up as his campaign manager Paul Manafort (C) and daughter Ivanka (R) look on during Trump's walk through at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, U.S., July 21, 2016

    Trump Calls Russia an Ally, Says Hillary Wants ‘Something Worse’ Than Cold War

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    Speaking on the conservative "Savage Nation" radio show, the Republican nominee was undeterred by weeks of media attacks labeling him a secret agent of the Kremlin vowing cooperation with Russia in the fight against Daesh while working to resolve conflicts between the countries.

    On Wednesday, amid a campaign shakeup that spelled the end for Donald Trump’s beleaguered campaign manager Paul Manafort, repeated accusations that Donald Trump is either implicitly or directly doing Russia’s bidding, and outrage over his ethnically-tinged public spat with the family of war hero Humayun Khan, the bombastic billionaire turned Republican nominee took to the hardline conservative talk radio show "Savage Nation" to discuss his foreign policy stance.

    "Putin is not a baby, and you look at what’s going on in Russia. They’re spending a fortune on the military, including nuclear and missiles all over the place, and we’re not," Trump told listeners. "This is a perilous time and we’re going to build up our military."

    Trump argued that Russian President Vladimir Putin, “doesn’t want ISIS any more than we do” calling Moscow "a natural ally" against the scourge of radical Islamic terrorism that threatens safety and security in the West.

    The real estate tycoon and former reality television star blasted Clinton’s policy towards Russia saying that she "has the wrong attitude" towards Moscow alleging that both Hillary and Obama have prompted "something worse than the Cold War" through continued saber rattling rather than finding opportunities for compromise and collaboration.

    "Russia can be a tremendous help to us in knocking out ISIS and save us a lot,” said Trump. “And that can happen with the proper leadership."

    The comments by Donald Trump regarding Russia will be seen by many in the Western media as another example of an unforced error coming in the wake of several weeks of merciless media attacks insinuating, if not outright calling, the candidate is an agent of the Kremlin who has "given Putin the green light to invade (his wife) Melania’s hometown."

    Trumps alleged links to Russia have reached a fever pitch in the United States following the resignation of his campaign manager Paul Manafort who now faces a federal criminal investigation for his ties to former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. In a bit of irony, Hillary Clinton’s chief strategist John Podesta, who previously served as White House Chief of Staff under Bill Clinton, now faces investigation by the FBI and DOJ for exactly the same thing.


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      They announcing at MSM that Hillary may get a probe for LYING. She could face years in jail.

      But I betting on a WASH OUT.. OBAMA will PARDON HER.

      Russia MUST be extremely careful. Trump also wants to imitate REAGAN .. MEANING a coup and worst FOOL Russia .. Russia do best hiding, and say NO to all west wants.. REALLY. It all will have agenda's.
      Hillary wants to INVADE Syria and attack Russia IF it interfere.
      She absolutely resolved. And worst she certain U.S will defeat Russia in a week.
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      What's the big deal? They are both nationalists. One wants what's best for America, the other, Russia. That makes them both understandable and predictable to the other.

      It's only the neocons who push anti-Putinism. They think he blocks the Neocon World Order, which he does. Trump would be a dagger in the heart of the NWO.
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      The people who all this propaganda is aimed at will ALWAYS believe the B.S. Washington spews, and that's MOST of the country.
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      With the statement that Bill Clinton is going to be the economic adviser in case the female presidential candidate comes to power, there has to be consideration given into the time when he was president and ......
      with time going back to the Kursk tragedy of August 2000, exactly the 12th, the Clintons were in LA on a huge gathering with most of the established film stars available and other celebrities. Such a coincidence. Just a question of when he got to know what had happened and by whom?
      and then ................. to come across this article in NYT where obscurity is somehow clear...... stating information sources with no name, one starts to wonder........ but this time on the NPP in Kursk from 1999. Hopefully whoever is interested, what bailout is NYT referring to?

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      Bravo Mr Trump, that is 100% correct, Clinton and Obama created Isis, and destroyed the relation with Russia, it is better for you as American to restore it, otherwise America is a dead snake, and sooner that you predict it.
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      Having to choose between the Devil and Cruela De Vil???
    • Annin reply tomaxxus(Show commentHide comment)
      maxxus, Putin and Trump TOGETHER will be a double-whack-pack...which is why the NWO globalists are doing everything in their power to see that that does not happen... too late! The people of the world already smell neocon/globalists blood in the water!
    • Annin reply toquestfortruth(Show commentHide comment)
      questfortruth, you haven't been paying attention, have you?
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      Michael Savage is a hardly from conservative roots. He's more of an anarchist in what he says he believes. He's more like Alex Jones. And Savage keeps trying to say that Trump can't win. What THAT about?
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      I was listening to Savage Nation recently and he was actually saying that locals in Europe thought he was a Paris native. He said the same thing about Italy. Then he said something about how you couldn't tell anything about anyone from their accent. Savage has New York Jewish roots and a thick Brooklyn accent. Comparing that to Europe is just stupid, but that's his typical "intellectual" activity.
    • Victor S
      Technically, Hillary would be a better choice for Russia, if it wanted US to self destruct, but if that happens, it way take the whole world down with it! That's what people fail to understand, we're all in the same boat/world, and if a such a huge part of it is damaged and quickly, then Titanic/world will go down!
      Tramp, with all his shortcomings, is pragmatic, and a smart businessman, so hopefully he'll minimize the damage both to US, and to the world, and if allowed, by whoever runs the world, to prevent a possible "Armageddon"!
    • choticastilein reply tocast235(Show commentHide comment)
      cast235, While I agree with you, there is another scenario at play here Cast -- the American people -- if there's one thing that most of the nation will not stand for, its another war. You will recall how they stood their ground when US warmongers wanted to strike Syria -- Hands off Syria -- No to War etc.. So you can imagine if the US wants war with Russia! -- another nuclear power and not a tiny country like Syria -- Americans would do their nuts -- as for sure the whole world knows it could mean curtains for the whole caboodle of us! Another thing, there are rumbles in the US military as well. Say HC makes it into the WH and does what you said, what if the military refuses to do the bidding of the president? It may sound far fetched, but for sure if there are people who fully understand the implications of a war with Russia, its military men, especially with many among them sick to the soul of wars and also the fact that the US Military has taken a beating from all quarters -- which I may add in many ways, as a whole, is grossly unjust as they have to go at the behest of their president. You may have read how low the figures for new recruits in the US have been for some years now. No, if HC becomes president (God forbid) -- there's gonna be big ructions in what was always the Land of the Free... mark my words.
    • choticastilein reply tomaxxus(Show commentHide comment)
      maxxus, Jeez, I hope you're right, but you could be.... I just worry if DT doesn't play ball they'll assassinate him -- they have no allegiance to any country or people -- their only allegiance is to the guy who calls hell his home.
    • choticastilein reply toptcjm(Show commentHide comment)
      ptcjm, Sorry -- but I don't understand you clearly. You first mentioned the Kursk tragedy 12 Aug 2000 then the article 12 Apr 1999 -- about a bailout loan for repairing NPP's and completing two new ones -- Forgive me for being obtuse, but how are the two connected except for both dates being the 12th of a month and the sub Kursk and the town of Kursk (?) being the same? Just by the way, when one reads the NYT article and consider the stated Russia was in, its incredible how Putin pulled Russia straight! Ironically, today Russia's nuclear power stations are in excellent shape, while the US' are falling apart and the US spends so much on their ongoing wars, they may have to ask Russia for a bailout just now! (Laughing).
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      ptcjmin reply tochoticastile(Show commentHide comment)
      choticastile, sorry if it wasn't clear enough, but what I am trying to clarify or understand is this delicate border between politics and facts. Actually I wasn't ready to accept the article in NYT with the description of Russia somehow desperately trying to bargain. So my conclusion is that this is the American foreign policy expressed in the corporate media.
      And searching for facts about the nuclear accidents (tragedies with unforeseen consequences for decades to come) is to find connecting patterns of incidents. So somehow with the Clintons celebrating during this fatal times in Russia, the Reagan of Chernobyl came to mind.
      I am convinced Clinton knew of the Kursk at the actual time and furthermore with coming trials where this "Clinton is great event" filled with obscurity as it at the same time was for fundraising, was just a cover up, just like with the Iran contra scandal of the Reagan administration.
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      Hermiein reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, Most all the rich Jews want Trump to lose the election because under Trump's economic policy they will lose money! They hate his ass!
    • QuantumParadoxin reply toptcjm(Show commentHide comment)
      questfortruth That's why the American public as a 6% trust versus the media.
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      Ironically, while Manafort's relations with Yankovich were deliberately falsified by a compliant Kiev, Podesta's relationship with Yankovich were silenced over by the US media. As to the comments on the Khan family - Trump was really right: the real abuse of their son was by his father who sold his son's heroic and tragic death to stump against Trump rather than to revere his son's heroism. As to Slovenia, Putin isn't about to invade any east European country. That is another myth fabricated by the western media. Slovenia is a very poor country and Putin really doesn't have the means at this time to develop it. Just as he doesn't want Donbas to join Russia: the cost to rebuild it is giant and Russia at this time does not have the means for that. But the US media never ask for logic or evidence in what they publish. Which means, it is the same dirty game as against Bernie, orchestrated by the same sneaky person as before: DWS,now hired by Hillary's campaign.
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