06:53 GMT17 January 2021
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    Donald Trump appears to have gone off the teleprompter giving the people of the world some of his finest stand-up comedy material and breaking through the summer campaign doldrums of meaningless focus-group tested lines.

    Truculent Real Estate tycoon and reality television star turned Republican Party presidential nominee Donald Trump is certainly controversial often emboldening racist ideologies through adverse references to Latinos or calling for a "complete and total ban on Muslims entering the United States" whether or not he himself prescribes to these macabre political ideas, but somehow despite his disquieting willingness to indulge in xenophobic canards he has remained a viable political candidate.

    On Saturday, Trump showed us why despite his many, many flaws that a substantial portion of the American electorate have stood by his side – it’s because he "has the best words." At least the "best words" when it comes to saying outlandishly comedic things that only your grandfather would dare utter.

    "She short circuited, she used the term 'short-circuited.' She took a little short circuit in the brain," said Trump responding to Hillary’s explanation for her flawed email excuse. "And she’s got problems, I mean, if we had real people, this would be a real problem for her, but I think that the people of this country don’t want somebody that’s going to short circuit up here."

    "Honestly, I don’t think she’s all there," said Trump. "She’s totally unhinged." This comes after remarks on Friday that Hillary Clinton was only "really pretty close to unhinged."

    Delivering the remarks in a sweltering high school gym, something that he once mocked other candidates for doing during the Republican presidential primary, had some similarly comical remarks about the poorly air conditioned setting.

    "It’s hot in here folks. But that’s OK. I consider this like a sweat suit," said Trump. "Everybody tonight, we’ll lose on average 6.2 pounds, OK? Six—I don’t mind. You know, it’s so hot in here, this room was not designed for this many people. It’s so hot in here that I consider this to be like a workout, right."


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