04:41 GMT +324 February 2017
    Fighters from the al-Qaida linked Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) marching in Raqqa, Syria

    Daesh Terrorists: A Multifunction Tool in Hands of Ankara, Riyadh, NATO

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    Ekaterina Blinova

    The West and its Mideast partners are playing deceiving Machiavellian games in Syria, F. William Engdahl told Sputnik, adding that Russia is in a most risky situation if it believes that the other actors involved in the conflict, such as Recep Erdogan or King Salman and his impulsive son Prince Mohammed, are reasonable, as hate knows no reason.

    While tensions are simmering over the prospect of a Turkish-Saudi invasion of Syria, six members of the UN Security Council, including the US, UK and France, have voiced their objections to a Russian draft resolution aimed at restoring the sovereignty of the Middle Eastern state, fanning the flames.

    The draft resolution, which denounces any actions that undermine the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria and condemns any plans for a foreign military invasion, has been dismissed by the US and French UN ambassadors as "having no future."

    It is rather surprising that the proposed resolution, aimed at peace in Syria and the protection of the fundamental values of the UN charter, has immediately come under fire from Washington and the major European powers. However, there is an obvious explanation: the Western powers have repeatedly violated international law, having acted militarily in Syria without official permission from the legitimate government of President Bashar al-Assad.

    In light of this, the contours of the Western strategy in Syria are getting clearer. The question then arises whether the Syrian Arab Army, backed by Russia's Air Force, will help Damascus restore sovereignty and re-unite Syria?

    "What I feel is that at present the energy in Syria is, regrettably, one of death and destruction, everywhere. This cannot easily be healed such that Syria becomes a healthy sovereign nation as it was perhaps a century ago, prior to World War I. This is the destructiveness of war. It is not a question of military reconquest of land lost in the past five years of war. Were it so easy, the world would have healed the scars of all wars centuries ago. No one side 'wins' in war, only in peace," American researcher, historian and strategic risk consultant F. William Engdahl told Sputnik in an exclusive interview.

    By stepping in in Syria, Russia has actually entered a geopolitical chess tournament with crafty Western players. Will Vladimir Putin and Bashar Assad beat Washington's geopolitical grandmasters at their own game?

    "This is a very difficult question to answer. My honest feeling is that the American Patriarchs as I prefer to call them, not grandmasters, have a deep plan with their many wars in the Middle East. The plan is simple — spread hate, destruction, a killing energy, not only in the Middle East oil countries but also in the EU as well as inside the United States, in China, everywhere, with their wars over oil in the end," Engdahl pointed out.

    Fighters of the al-Qaida-inspired Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) parade in a commandeered Iraqi security forces armored vehicle down a main road at the northern city of Mosul, Iraq. (File)
    © AP Photo/
    Fighters of the al-Qaida-inspired Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) parade in a commandeered Iraqi security forces armored vehicle down a main road at the northern city of Mosul, Iraq. (File)

    If the world is busy with such destruction, those Patriarchs have the misguided feeling they will prevail, the strategic risk consultant underscored, adding that we are in a kind of world war already.

    "They ignited the Maidan Square coup in February 2014 to disrupt growing, positive economic and political relations, especially between Germany and Russia, to an extent between the EU and Russia. They have demonized Russia and her President in their media. China will be next in their sights," Engdahl stressed.

    Indeed, a belt of instability has stretched from North Africa and the Balkans to Central Asia and beyond. Five years have passed since the "Day of Rage" in Libya which was aimed against the rule of Muammar Gaddafi. The uprising, enthusiastically supported by the West, has lured the country into constant turmoil. Meanwhile, in another part of the world, the Afghani failed state is still desperately fighting against Islamic extremists.  

    "I believe that they felt they were losing their control to nations [which were] acting more independently and sovereign in recent years, like Russia, like Germany, like China, like Iran and other states encouraged to assert national autonomy against the wishes of NATO. Of course, in the end they will only lose, but if we are not conscious of who we are, and who they are, as Sun Tzu said, they will manage to create huge destruction before that point. Simply think about the deep scars of the war 75 years ago," the researcher told Sputnik.

    A soldier of the Syrian Arab Army is seen here in Aleppo
    © Sputnik/ Iliya Pitalev
    A soldier of the Syrian Arab Army is seen here in Aleppo

    Does that mean the notorious Daesh (ISIL/ISIS) is a kind of "agent of destruction"?

    "Daesh, simply said, is Saudi Arabia's monarchy. In my most recent book, The Lost Hegemon: Whom the gods would destroy, I describe in great detail the perverse 'unholy alliance,' brokered by the CIA in the early 1950s to mate the Egyptian death cult known as the Muslim Brotherhood with the primitive Saudi Wahhabist branch of Islam. The consequence of that was Mujahedeen, the Chechen wars, Bosnia's Mujahedeen war against the Serbs, and now Al Qaeda-Al Nusra and Daesh. Erdogan's family, supported in a perverse alliance by this Saudi monarchy, is embracing Daesh as a weapon to kill Kurds and create some kind of New Ottoman Sultanate, and to enable Saudi control of the oil and gas of Iraq, of Syria and of Yemen," Engdahl elaborated.

    "But they will fail," the researcher remarked.

    Despite the fact that the international community has repeatedly expressed its deep concerns over Daesh's "extraordinary levels of funding" and the imminent danger this poses to the Western civilization, UN Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs Jeffrey Feltman admitted on February 9 that the terror group continues to sell stolen oil on the global market.

    Some experts believe it would be impossible, hadn't a "tacit agreement" been concluded by European and American decision-makers. Back in June 2014 French intellectual, founder and chairman of Voltaire Network Thierry Meyssan called attention to the fact that Daesh and al-Nusra Front were selling stolen crude on the international market, "so monitored by Washington," without hindrance. That can only mean one thing, Meyssan suggested: they are either authorized by Washington or linked to storefront oil companies.

    So, why do Washington and Western "oil barons" allow Daesh to continue selling stolen oil, replenishing its vaults with more money for war, terror and destruction?

    "NATO uses Daesh and allows the oil to flow to that end, luring Erdogan and Salman into a well-planned trap. NATO, of course, is controlled by Washington and those American Patriarchs who steer the military-industrial complex and their oil barons. We need only to look at the statement recently of Hakan Fidan, head of Turkish MIT intelligence, urging the West to see Daesh as legitimate Muslims with a right to be respected and you get the idea," Engdahl emphasized.

    "Everyone in this war is deceiving, playing Machiavellian games — Erdogan, Salman and his son, Prince Salman, Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs Jeffrey Feltman, John Kerry, Obama, Cameron, Hollande. Russia is in a most risky situation in Syria if it and its leading people have any illusion that the other actors are reasonable. Hate knows no reason," the researcher warned.


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      Now that it is clears that ISIS, Turkey, USA, Saudi Arabia and Qatar belong to the same club of terrorists, the USA want to see how Russian weapon perform against pseudo opposition army that have USA, and Jew weapons, included fighter jets and missiles. The USA apparently will not be involved in the fight, but it will be waiting on the sidelines to act. The USA is sending its dogs to see how the Russian kills these dogs and then strike with weapon that can do damage to the Russia weaponry. Will not be nukes, but the USA expect to humiliate the Russian by defeated it with conventional weapon. Let’s see how the whole situation evolve.
    • AnomicDust
      In short Wahabbism is the smallpox blanket of the Arab world, and one of the last great opportunities to exploit the time tested strategy of colonial empires.
    • avatar
      vendorin reply tolandauroj(Show commentHide comment)
      landauroj, well, didn't Russia and the United States agreed on the cessation of hostilities in the Syrian conflict just now? :)
    • Mikhas
      "Daesh Terrorists: A Multifunction Tool in Hands of Ankara, Riyadh, NATO"

      Obviously, who fail to notice that?

      But today is the day of celebration of smarter minds than those.

      North of Aleppo we have one of those famous "cauldrons" we heard so much about from the Ukraine, so rejoice: ISIS IS TRAPPED, encircled, IN ALEPPO!

    • avatar
      Russia is degrading enough , DAESH. next is to arm well Syria to defeat DAESH alone. and keep it out. And to contain an attack from Turkey, Saudi or any other players around. THIS will help Russia step off in Syria. However a giant base is needed. With ALL Russian armed forces components. They can use for export gear and only what is needed per region.
      That way S400 could remain as is operated by Russia itself. Otherwise the first protest will arrive by israel.
      But not IF Russia use it.

      Also a Fleet will be needed in the near future.
    • Neochrome
      They literally rewrote KLA designation from "terrorist organization" into "ally". Pretty much the same with Al Qaeda. Daesh is just their latest toy of terror and destruction, as long as they can aim it where they want they have no problem with it.
      But what to do when Daesh stalls? Massacres of civilians? It is just fine when Turks are doing it against Kurds. Bombardment of civilians is also fine, let's just call them Kurds and not civilians. Training, arming and financing of terrorists, why Turds will do it with pleasure!
    • avatar
      Those young and crazy men turn up in such great numbers and fought fearlessly why? In the beginning it was hard to understand why, but now the answer became cleared why so, the answer is they were promised high pay, guaranteed supports till the end, and an achieveable political and military goal by some great hands! Who? The dusts started to clear and those madness dirty statesmen are started to show who they are!
    • avatar
      Bunch of BS. It's the terrorist American government who created ALL these terrorist organizations and it's the same scum evil government that uses them. The entire American government and heads of the pentagon should be hung.
    • avatar
      The United States feels it has nothing to loose by fomenting war and chaos through out the world, after all they sit quite comfortably thousands of miles and two oceans away and can still project it's military power by utilizing foreign bases. While the world destroys itself once again the US will come out of the confusion whole and the dominate world power due to it's location. Like real estate sales it is location, location, and location that is paramount. The United States is in a position to do maximum damage without suffering loses at home and until this changes the world will not know a moments respite from war, chaos and suffering at the hands of these criminals. A coalition of those who seek peace and stability in the world free of the dictates of the US corporate plutocracy must be formed to neutralize the enemies foreign military assets and then isolate the enemies homeland for a start.
    • avatar
      ISIS = evil Machiavellian to the max. ISIS is so evil that it's sponsors, Israel, the U.S., NATO, etc. think no one could imagine that it is they who are the evil ones. The sponsors cannot be negotiated with, only fought at every turn.
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