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    Euro and United States 100-dollar banknotes and Iran's rial banknotes

    Will Iran, China, Russia Push US Dollar to the Brink of Extinction?

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    Iran is moving forward to get rid of the US dollar as a means of payment, independent researcher Timothy Alexander Guzman points out, adding that Washington has obviously shot itself in the foot by imposing sanctions on Moscow and Tehran.

    The supremacy of the US dollar is in danger: more and more countries around the world are seeking to replace the American currency, independent researcher and writer Timothy Alexander Guzman notes, pointing to a series of Russo-Iranian agreements aimed at stopping mutual settlements in US dollars with foreign countries.

    "This past March, Iran and Russia signed an agreement to jointly create a regulation committee to 'oversee interbank financial transactions between the two countries.' The positive outcome of the agreements is to avoid any future sanctions Washington and its crony allies use as a financial weapon against its adversaries," Guzman writes in his article for SilentCrowNews.com.

    It is no secret that US leadership uses the dollar as a weapon in its economic warfare against those countries, which reject bowing before Washington's political elite.

    The US' arm-twisting policies prompted the world's nations, especially oil producers, to seek a substitute for the dollar.

    Both Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi openly declared their commitment to replace the dollar with the euro and a 'single African currency' backed by gold, respectively, for oil transactions and foreign trade. As a result, both had been toppled and killed.

    "Iraq, Venezuela and Libya tried to drop US dollars for oil trades but were met with resistance from Washington," Guzman emphasizes.

    Currently, Tehran is leading the charge in the Middle East to escape the dollar's diktat and replace with other currencies.

    Predictably, Washington is panicking.

    "Iran is a long term goal for regime change. However, with Russia and China in the picture, it seems very 'less likely' to happen. Russia and China are major obstacles for the Pentagon war planners. The US has hopes that the Islamic State [Daesh] can create more chaos in the region allowing ISIS to target Iran within its borders but that is a long shot," the researcher elaborates.

    Besides Iran and Russia, China is replacing the dollar as mediating currency in its trade with Russia and other countries, at the same time bolstering the positions of the yuan as an alternative reserve currency.

    As more countries are pushing ahead with de-dollarization, the US dollar faces decline in its exchange value. And it will result in a weaker dollar.

    The de-dollarization is an obvious backlash against the US' longstanding policy of oppression of its geopolitical rivals. In fact, Washington has shot itself in the foot by imposing restrictions on Russia and Iran's trade. No one likes a bully.

    "Washington started this war with its economic sanctions on Iran and Russia because they do not comply with its demands as Imperial power that makes all the rules for the world to follow. Now Iran and Russia will finish it by dropping the US dollars for their business transactions, a solution long overdue," Guzman concludes.


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      Randall Lee Hilburn
      Smart move! The American Empire is a giant with feet of clay. The clay being its total dependence for its existence on the use of the US Dollar as the worlds reserve currency.
    • AnomicDust
      The dollar stops being a tool of aggressive leverage when its share of global reserves (62%) drops near US global GDP share (17%). This massive spread floats the greatest skimming operation in history.
    • avatar
      Russia, China, and Iran don't have a large enough share of global GDP to have a large impact on the dollar. Plenty of other countries are buying up dollars in record numbers, which is why the dollar is on an upward surge. The surging dollar helps U.S. consumers, but hurts U.S. exporters. It's a two-edged sword.
    • avatar
      The sooner the terrorist American government falls the sooner the world becomes safe.
    • avatar
      There is one one piece of the equation overlooked. INDIA. India is REVIVING and becoming as powerful as China in many aspects of economy already. India is even newer than China and well played and careful, not allowing deep inflationary points to go up, it will be a lasting one. India is a good friend to Russia and considers Russia a BIG strategic partner. China is dominating in some areas, BUT it must be remembered, that it's a good start. India is now more into buying power. Russia MUST remain out of been the sole constructor and teacher.. also allowing cooperation. What Russia needs is a good balance where all this deals etc signed with India can be realized without hurting Russia's interest.. And is possible.
      ACADEMIA should be a great start. And think tanks at academia level. But selling this to give teachings is no good. there should be a balance.. And cannot get newest stuff just like that.. Because it would HURT Russia. S400? Well soon S500 and maybe S 600 be out.. building for export would be good.
      Ukraine had a pie that they still have no idea under the E.U and U.S propaganda. They ve no idea what they lost. Now? yes laugh all you want on Russia.. Wait until Russia put all acts together.. see who will laugh at end.

      All people think is about GPD. IF they had an idea, they wouldn't there are so many other factors where GPD is only a measure.. And no a final outlook.
      China is beginning to move into the arena. by 2030 , China will surpass all it dreams today... When world economies do better. Now all this coups, regime change DAESH , weakened the whole world.
      That's why Russia MUST somehow form a BIG military block. To end that. Once the coups etc end, the world will be oriented in economy. Not war. Money will roll.
      Unfortunately the happy 4 and friends decided terrorism is the way to go. Like the Opium wars, they designed to do one things. Weaken opponents that they want to dismantle . In this case Russia. And is the same players all over again. Russia needs a NAVY like the world had never seen. To project power to be used to fight global terrorism. China can help , finding opportunities where Russia gets cash and tech... And India should be in it, if it expect something from Russia. Because India will be tested by them. India was chipped before, and who was the ONLY to step on. Russia. Russia will get lands again, many will love yo join what Russia make. BUT it must create own institutions, to be able to actually merge EU and EEU... THAT would be awesome. Bu all is one step at a time. No oone was born running.
    • avatar
      Ivan Zadorozhny
      Good riddance to bad rubish.
    • avatar
      Looking forward to it, but let us hope that in addition to dropping the US-dollar from global transactions, Iran, China and Russia may also consider implementing the rules for control, supply and insurance aspects of oil and gas business across Eurasia and if Washington keeps normal behavior, it too could receive some oil and gas in the future.
    • avatar
      maskazerin reply tocoolerheads(Show commentHide comment)
      coolerheads, They do if they play the shots in the Straight of Hormuz, which is very close to my home town. Western GDP numbers, are mostly fake. They can drop in no time once the game begins.
    • avatar
      gmprattin reply tocoolerheads(Show commentHide comment)
      coolerheads, We will see whether the rising US$ is based on economic activity or political. Surely as more countries abandon the greenback Washington will require its "allies" to buy dollars to take up the slack.
    • avatar
      The answer to the headline's question is no, but with a caveat: The USA will still use the dollar as it has since the nation's inception, but it will no longer enjoy the lofty height as the world's solitary reserve currency as its replaced by a basket due to the gross mismanagement of a great many things by numerous dysfunctional Outlaw US Empire officials.
    • avatar
      This is a great article to think on...I have a suspicion that Iran has been ready for any outside invasion since the US's sanctions started. IF ISIS crosses that border we will hear that such-and-such a faction has been annihilated, decimated, destroyed "to the last man and there were no wounded to report". You cannot have a people ever on the alert since the start of sanctions began after the Iranian Revolution in 1979, with the US promoting more sanctions in '95 and the UN getting involved in '06 and not set up a grudge match with someone; anyone. Further, if Turkey is, somehow, the banking system in the Middle East on behalf of the Federal Reserve, and if the country has its own internal wars, who would want to come to that Nation's aid outside of NATO and Saudi Arabia, both of whom would be bankrupt at the time? I suggest that the Saudi's follow Iran when it comes to replacing the dollar as they don't have too many more they can spend anyway. Further, it is time for new elections in Turkey which will save the face of Erdogan's promise to resign.
    • avatar
      the US Currency is on decline no doubt the question that remains what will the US do
      once the final phase is reached ?! attack china .. or maybe iran or in a worst case scenario
      may god forbid russia ? if so it would be the last mistake this Regime in the US could do ?
      are you combat ready ?! you bet we are
      viva mother russia !
    • avatar
      goaisminein reply tocoolerheads(Show commentHide comment)
      coolerheads, depends how long china will follow the rules
      no matter how many countries buy or not buy if the rules are being changed
      and they are yes in a slowly pace but they do . The US has robbed and killed on this planet and be sure their will be end to it !
    • avatar
      It is simple, the USA bullies only those countries that do not have nukes. Any country with nuclear weapons is too much to ask for American sissies. Instead of destroying them Russia should get in an agreement with friendly countries to install small special military and security bases (free of charge for the Russian military) in order to prevent any regime changes/government coups. And then drop the US dollar in these countries :)
    • avatar
      How's that Russian Ruble coming along? Oh, and about the Iranian Rial . . ?


      Both have about as much purchasing power as the stone Fred Flintstone used i Bedrock. And their combined stability is about as reliable as the San Andreas Fault in California's earthquake country.

      Russian media has been printing about the dollar's demise for literally years . . .

    • avatar
      Ironic part is right now the only currency Iran and Russia will accept for oil is the US dollar
    • avatar
      mzungu in Africain reply tomaskazer(Show commentHide comment)
      maskazer, you are right. Since the USA have a declining manufacturing basis besides weaponry their GDP comprises mostly services and intangible assets like intellectual property - patents, trade marks, copy rights. In a serious crisis they can write off their intangibles and the services won't be on demand any more. The market capitalization of companies like Apple, Facebook, Google, Coca Cola among many others are a joke, just a huge bubble. Truly a colossus on clay feet.
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