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    In this photo taken on Monday, Oct. 5, 2015, a Russian pilot fixes an air-to-air missile at his Su-30 jet fighter before a take off at Hmeimim airbase in Syria

    Russia's Syrian Operation to Smash Terrorists, End Tyranny of Banking Elite

    © AP Photo/ Dmitry Steshin, Komsomolskaya Pravda, Photo via AP
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    Russia's involvement in Syria actually means the decline of the US-led 'new world order' declared by George H.W. Bush in 1990, F. William Engdahl believes.

    In this image posted on Thursday, Oct. 8, 2015, by the Rased News Network, a Facebook page affiliated with Islamic State, shows Islamic State militants preparing to fire a mortar to shell towards Syrian government forces positions at Tal Arn in Aleppo province, Syria
    © AP Photo/ Islamic State militant website via AP
    The Kremlin's decision to provide the Syrian legitimate government of Bashar al-Assad with military support has shifted the global geopolitical map significantly, American-German historian and strategic risk consultant F. William Engdahl underscores.

    "The Russian intervention has exposed the fraud of the US' position in the Middle East and shown the world that Washington lies, that she supports the very terrorists who allegedly were behind the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York and at the Pentagon," Engdahl pointed out in his article for New Eastern Outlook.

    According to the historian Russia is about to put an end to the US-led "new world order" proclaimed by triumphalist President George H.W. Bush on September 11, 1990.

    "That new order, as is clear today, is one of war, killing, chaos, hate and vengeance, negativity everywhere in the world where there is positivity. It's very much the history of the forty so years since Bush was Director of the CIA, and put much of those developments into motion starting with the 1991 US invasion of Iraq [Operation Desert Storm]," Engdahl stressed.

    The historian narrated that after the collapse of the Soviet Union the United States quickly adopted the winner-takes-all-approach in its foreign policy. It was clearly demonstrated by the so-called 'Wolfowitz Doctrine' — a new strategic post-Cold War policy of Washington.

    "America's political and military mission in the post-Cold War era will be to insure that no rival superpower is allowed to emerge in Western Europe, Asia or the territory of the former Soviet Union," the doctrine stated.

    "We will retain the preeminent responsibility for addressing selectively those wrongs which threaten not only our interests, but those of our allies," it read.

    The Doctrine became an official policy under US president George W. Bush after September 11, 2001 tragedy.

    Engdahl underscored that the policy justified "pre-emptive" US military strikes as well as US promotion of regime change in nations around the world unwilling to bow before Washington.

    In light of this, Russia's decision to step in in Syria has dealt a severe blow to the famous 'Wolfowitz Doctrine' and shifted the global balance of power.

    "The Russian military intervention into Syria, which began at the end of September, appears likely able to deal a devastating blow or defeat to the armies of ISIS [ISIL], al-Nusra/al-Qaeda in Iraq and Syria and other Islamic terror groups that have been euphemistically defined by Washington as 'moderate opposition' to Bashar al Assad. De Facto this intervention spells the end of the Wolfowitz Doctrine. Russia has called Washington's bluff in Syria with its military actions," the historian emphasized.

    "Russia has accepted what I consider an awesome responsibility," Engdahl noted, asking: What will be Russia's next move?

    After exposing Washington's dirty double game in the Middle East and smashing terrorists in Syria, Russia should go further, promoting independence from the Bretton-Woods' "dollar" order.

    In order to accomplish such a task, Moscow should push ahead "the re-sovereignization of the Russian Central Bank as a state institution, so that the Russian State is able to issue sovereign money, without looking over its shoulder to what Wall Street and US hedge funds and their corrupt rating agencies think," the risk strategic consultant underscored.

    Together with the Eurasian Economic Union partner countries, with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization partner countries, with the BRICS partners and the emerging group of nations in the Middle East, Russia is likely to not only deal a blow to US-bred terrorists in Syria, but also "to transform the foundations of world economic stability by understanding the true possibilities she has to end the tyranny of debt slavery by private Western banks and their central banks of the dollar system."

    "It is an awesome responsibility Vladimir Putin and the Russian state accepted when they accepted President Assad's request to aid his war on terror," Engdahl highlighted.


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      Yes, now is the time to end the global control mechanisms the Outlaw Empire's emplaced during the past 70 years and finish smashing its attempt at Full Spectrum Domination.
    • Baybars
      Exposed the fraud to who?!? Mr. Engdahl, when you can say these things on CNN, BBC and FOX then the fraud will be exposed. Until such time as the drugged and hypnotized North American/European populations can be woken up and convinced that their comfortable life-style must be curtailed, you have not enlightened anyone.
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      I only disagree in one aspect. the way of re sovereignization of the central bank. FIRST Russia needs it's own credit rating agency. And that's in the works. It's own SWIFT, it's coming on. Then and ONLY then , a re sovereignization of the central bank WILL have a serious and positive effect!!!
      Next is to add EEU to the system of payment, the credit rating and central bank. Quickly adding CIS, SCO and BRICS!!!
      Russia WILL need an IMF and WB alternatives. beside other that EEU , CIS, Russia itself, BRICS already have. Dev banks.
      This will add CUBA, Argentina, Venezuela and many others that want in. Iran, Syria MUST be add on.. beginning now.
      Russia MUST place itself inside Syria and Iran, in the areas of investments, trade and developments. Including managing energy and all spheres. banking included. Russia should seat with BRICS and begin a development of banking rules. Tomorrow was yesterday. It will take time, so the better consultations begin and simple things , including intentions..the better.
      Russia MUST protect MINSK. From west sanctions and DEMOCRATIZATION. The idea? take MINSK away from Belarus. Lukas should allow that Russian base inside Belarus ..FAST.. and CSTO. They will push to regime change in Belarus. And it will be extremely forceful including violence. Because , once started, there will be no way back. They know so.
      Just unite EEU more. Merge with CIS.. And you touch one, you touch all. EEU humanitarian laws and democracies, should be ruled by EEU and CIS, Not by west.
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      Oh I forgot. They over MINSK, because is the De Facto important place for EEU and CIS. And soon SCO and maybe BRICS. Geneva Bull horn double standards will die. The faster Russia move away for E.U the better. Develop EEU and CIS. SCO and BRICS. Or keep been a vassal with everyone laughing at their backs and conspiring inside E.U.
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      teddy j
      the explanation by mister ENGDAHL clarifies for me -- after so many years of trying to understand currency -- why SOVEREIGN FIAT IS INDEED what russia needs to do.

      its central bank-- good as Miss NABIULLINA must be -- is STILL basically operating according to the ''rules'' created by the BRETTON-WOODS 'british/american" arrangement - today of coruse largely influenced by jewish bankers such as goldman sachs - etc --

      designed to EXTEND in perpetuity the angl0american global system of extracting national wealth and resources from countries - and then sucking them up to the pockets and mansions of the ''1 percent" .

      russia and others NEED to BECOME fiat , credit - completely sovereign banking systems themselves --

      with SOLE POWER to issue credit, debts, loans, and erasing of debts if necessary -- while using all their issuance and banking powers to supervise national industrial projects from which the rest of the economy can profit and benefit -- and to produce mid-and lower level business and industries.

      completely without reference to or NEED to be ''answerable " to the global western banking system and financial system's

      :"investor, shareholder" ''rules" and ''shareholder interests"...

      since the USA TREASURY -- AND FEDERAL BANK ARE themselves based on nothing more than


      ''guaranteeing there is wealth if WE say so" ..

      there is NO logical reason why ALL other governments can not do the same.

      the MORE SO -- if a country such as russia or china actually have PRODUCTS, MATERIAL POSSESSIONS, RESOURCES, -- AND without resorting to THEM -- AS ''collateral" -- GOLD

      as physical ''guarantee of our SAY SO that we have sovereign wealth" - to give ''confidence"

      then -- this is itself the ELEGANTLY CLEAR AND SIMPLE REASON WHY -- as a sovereign nation and state -- russia and others -- should NOT call upon their POWER AND AUTHORITY to issue ''credit" to finance ANYTHING they please to finance..and create ''currency" based on a simple "say so"

      NO DIFFERENTLY than the US treasury does.

      even the ''recessions'' and 'inflation" matters are IRRELEVANT in such an applicationl imo,

      since these matters are more due to the MANIPULATIONS by global banking cartels -- influenced and controlled by the western system of ''financialization" or 'monetarizing" everything under the sun -- whose standards and measurements of ''currency value"

      are themselves based on what wall street and london decide ...

      CREATING THE ECONOMIC destruction everywhere in the form of ''recessions depressions, inflations, deflations, stagflations"

      all of which -- if one really looks at things with simplicity beyond the fancy terms of economics --

      are nothing more than INSTRUMENTS OF DESTRUCTION to 'IMPOSE REFORMS" upon countries and populations and their economies in order to MAKE THEM SUBMIT to the ''rules" of the global financial and banking PRIVATE cartels of the western hemisphere...

      and put in effect the MASSIVE TRANSFER OF WEALTH from countries TO AMERICAN AND LONDON AND EUROPE. -- FORMS OF FINANCIAL COLONIALISM , AND conquest in other words.

      why should there be ANY RULES by the western financial system that russia has to follow

      just so a russian grandmother can buy BREAD ? OR A young russian couple with a first child can get an apartment - where a building can be constructed with cement and iron and steel...

      DEPENDING ON how ''the interests of shareholders" following the DICTATES OF western banking decisions can be satisfied in ''getting my investment profits" ?

      the SAME can be accomplished -- both PHYSICAL material - buildings, planes, food, clothes, cars, highways, books, plane tickets...etc..

      AND 'financial" - with nothing more complicated than the CENTRAL BANK OF RUSSIA being NATIONALIZED -- -- and through it -- the government - of SOVEREIGN RUSSIA --


      "this year -- we will FINANCE 100 SKYSCRAPERS IN THE FAR EAST -- and 100,000 new apartments at such and such rent or cost -- at such and such price of steel and wood...and work hour labor costs....comparable to what the average int he world is --



      no BORROWING from ''global shareholders" or anyone NEEDED...



      JUST DO IT!
    • All the jews and gays in the press are on the side of the devil, its hopeless.
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      teddy jin reply toBaybars (Show commentHide comment)
      baybars, THE EXPOSURE is to the world.

      the american people -- if they continue to be inside the BUBBLE -- do not MATTER.

      what matters is the larger world that russia leads and EXPOSES AMERICA'/S system for the FRAUD that it is -- and to show that NO ONE -- not governments, not their industries, not their consumers or savers or businesses or ''investors" -- HAVE TO OBEY THE AMERICAN RULES OF THE GAME.

      that is the real point.

      by EXPOSING it to the WORLD -- where americans can wallow all they want in their delusional dollar --

      the DETACHMENT of the majority of the world FROM that ILLUSION AND FRAUD --

      ISOLATES and SMASHES the american financial fraud system.

      and to show that the world CAN AND DOES MOVE ON -- WITHOUT the american system.

      and in fact show that MONEY or CURRENCY or WEALTH can be created and finance can be created BY SIMOLY IGNORING the american system. completely. and replacing it AND whatever ''wealth" was created from that system's ''financing" -- with SOVEREIGN WEALTH ISSUED BY FIAT currency or credit --

      it is like saying:


      A QUESTION OF CONFIDENCE AND TRUST in other words -- nothing difrferent from the ''CON-fidence'' FRAUD OF THE usa 'dollar'' system.

      but in this case -- as SOVEREIGN MONOPOLY to issue national credit to REPLACE any ''value" or ''wealth'' or ''assets" based on the dollar --

      the sovereign governments of russia or china, ira, etc..simply say "we do not RECOGNIZE AMERICAN DOLLARS -- we accept and pay ONLY in ruble. as credit or debit...PERIOD".

      ''if we need more 'currency' to finance a project or expenses -- we simply issue MORE credit..to be redeemed upon delivery of service or manufacture. period".
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      teddy jin reply tocast235(Show commentHide comment)
      cast235, COMPLETELY AGREE !!
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      For every Rouble in circulation there is a fee for the Federal Reserve. How long will it take to the re-sovereignize the Rouble? What pony trick fools the Russians for so long?
    • Baybars in reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      Volodya is da man !, You must take your medication more frequently to avoid these outbursts of negativity. Don't worry, be happy!
    • Baybars in reply toteddy j(Show commentHide comment)
      teddy j, You are correct. Having something we place value on, like gold and silver to back up a currency makes the world more honest. Similarly you are probably right that it's too late for the Americans as they are becoming irrelevent
    • in reply toBaybars (Show commentHide comment)
      baybars, Do you know 80% of the news readers at the eg BBC are gays or jews? Wolfblitzer/andersoncooper at CNN are in plain sight, for eg you could be a synagogue of satanist grassy knolling us here too ! The devils have taken control, now stop taking your medicine and come out of the stupor !!
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      I agree politicians are just "actors" in a grander scheme of a controlled pyramid. However, besides playing their part, as the CEO of the Corporation, they also get to execute their orders. And that is part of their agreement to continue to participate in the game. In return, they get to be treated like kings, travel the world, vacation in luxury, make business contacts, agreements, & benefit financially from such. They also get to expand their power of influence, prosper beyond their wildest dreams, & levitate their standing, recognition, & reputation, at least amongst the global elite.
    • avatar
      teddy j, what are you? who are you? you talk like god! there's not a single untrue in what you are saying! so what is the scheme? (am joking).
      any state must guarantee only it's own fiat. here's my theory: MONEY IS NOT GOODS. the banking cabale spread the only by them admisseble ideea, that money are goods. yet on their money, the dollar included, writes it is never yours, it is always owned by the emitting bank. so back to my theory, for which i am a discoverer, not inventor/owner: money is not goods, money is one of the main INSTRUMENTS OF SOVEREIGN POWER. therefore no one should be allowed to transact it like goods. you may buy and sell almost anything, promote your bussines, but no one should be allowed to promote the use of foreign money. and money by itself is never strong. when foreign money becomes what some assert to be powerful, then these possible realities emerge: 1. your rulling class betrayed the people already; 2. your country, society, economics,... are under siege/assault by foreign hostiles.
      keeping these in mind we see that the evil is not only the banking cabale and the established *elites.
      see this example: my country, the people where i was born and raised, were demolished decades ago with the consent and enthousiasm of the first ones who believed it is better to bring your country, your society to a level on which some of them can win the equivalent of one month's salary by buying and selling 2-4 bluejeans. many shouted and rejoiced back then. then 1-2 decades after that, many thought our society should allow people buying and selling 2 very used cars a year to win more than a year salary of those who relentlesly work. these people are among us, are of us, and they would furiously kill us if we'd deny them those abhoerent advantages of disfunctional economics. i recognized them in Russia of 2014. US are using them all as supporters, allies, saboteurs, informants. when we want to deny the valuation of the dollar, these beasts from among us fight us, cause they want dollars, euros, to make our work's pay insignifiant comparing with the pay for the betrayal. you cannot fight the dollar if you are not prepared and able to fight at least these legionars who are your neighbours.
    • choticastile
      Oh how happy I am today that another wonderful piece by F. William Engdahl, appeared here on Sputnik -- ! This man's in depth comprehension, his passion for justice, his sense of truth is an incredible blessing and s powerful light in the dark times our world has for decades been condemned too... Please stay safe Mr Engdahl -- the world desperately needs your voice -- needs people like you!
    • choticastilein reply toBaybars (Show commentHide comment)
      baybars, No Baybars --- that's not correct dear fellow! Mr. Engdahl will never be invited to speak on any of the above media you mentioned -- the'd rather shat or shoot themselves, before they allow a man of his calibre on as he'd shred them into oblivion. But, believe me, his words are not aimed at the mindless morons you mention -- but at ordinary people --- at opening their hearts and minds, which is happening increasingly. People Power is a massive force and the moment people realize they have been betrayed by their own -- this power is unstoppable -- people unite then against a common enemy!
    • White_Eagle1
      This article hits the nail on the head, dead center. Its what Washington DC is all about in the Middle East, ...hardly humanitarian when they target infrastructure and hospitals, ...as well as waiting till its too late ...and not enough, to aid anyone against ISIL.

      Just one big warning.... be very carefull. The book of Revelations mentions that the Russian and Arab confederation army that marches on Israel will be destroyed in the valley of Armeggedon .. Valley of Decision /Jesral (sp) in the old testament. This will be followed by an attempt to do the same from China, marching down the dried riverbed of the Euphraties. They will meet an end too. Don't get cought up in that ... Nato will be destroyed and the inhabitants of Jerusalem will be forced to flee with within a very limited time. The survivors of all this will be judged, and led, by Christ.

      This, is the True Holocaust, and will bring the end of the world banking system and those who thought they could/would rule in the place of Yashua, the Christ. Those who would stand up to this NWO need to be very carefull in their actions, ....so far Putin has proved to be a grand chess master, not moving too soon, and at just the right time to rescue the people of the Middle East from ISIS, yet expose Washington DC for the farce it is with its actions... they cannot blame the situation on Russia and Putin now, though they might try.
    • White_Eagle1in reply toBaybars (Show commentHide comment)
      baybars, You have a point there.... Lithium has been detected in the fallout from those chemtrails now.
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      The world is on the brink of disaster because of America's greed and arrogance and also because it is the strongest NAZI entity on earth. But how did the world come to this terrible situation? Well in 1945, the USSR at great cost to itself destroyed the NAZI regime and all good people on earth thought all was okay. sadly though , what most people failed to see is that NAZISM was not defeated. Those who read history will remember that that more than half a million NAZIS where taken into America under the guise of highly specialised scientists. Others went to Europe and some went to South America. It is common knowledge that the NAZI scientists in America made tremendous scientific contributions resulting into America creating the first atomic bomb and landing man on the moon. The world is supposed to understand that for this contribution the NAZIS profited handsomely. First, the NAZIS multiplied and refined the NAZI ideology and like HIV, infiltrated all spheres of human activity in America. The NAZI ideology actually continued to blossom and has through mutation survived through various cruel institutions like the KKK, racist police and in acute forms of racism that characterise the American society today. Like cancer, NAZIS have spread all over Europe so that once again the NAZIS believe they can at last finish what they stared in 1930's. That is why Russia must be very careful. Really every one should fear for Russia. It is not beyond the realm of reality that we shall one one day wake up to find that the Russian people have all been murdered by NAZIS in a nuclear strike. You only have to look at a typical NAZI like the NATO Secretary General to realise the terrible danger Russia and the non-nazi world faces. The NAZIS backed by the British like they did in world war 2, the Germans, the inherently evil Belgians under the NATO cover will do everything in their power to get the land mass you call Russia. They will never rest until their desire is met. Russia's only hope to survive especially from a pre-emptive nuclear strike is to maintain a viable and credible military force. For example Russia should be able to hit each one of the NAZI countries such as UK, France, German, Belgium, Australia, Poland, USA, Japan and a few others with 50 megaton Hydrogen bombs. I hope Russia has already prepared for this because Russia's very survival depends on being able to do this. After this the world can start anew and that world will be a better place than we have today.
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