19:07 GMT07 August 2020
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    Politicians in Washington should recognize the legitimate geopolitical interests of Russia in the Middle East, an American journalist Lawrence Pintak wrote.

    Russia in its fight against radical ISIL is also protecting the access of its naval forces to the Syrian port of Tartus, the journalist said.

    “Protecting the presence of its naval forces in the Mediterranean and forming an alliance with Iran. This is a checkmate to the United States. This is real politics,” Pintak wrote for Seattle Times.

    Russia launched airstrikes on positions of the Islamic State at the request of Syrian President Bashar Assad on September 30.

    According to him, Russia has sided with Shiite Iran in the ‘cold war’ with the Sunni Arab majority of the Middle East.

    Although this move has brought criticism of many local publications, Moscow's actions have also caused a ‘controlled respect’ in the region, the journalist noted.

    Pintak further wrote that Washington should beware of being drawn into a military confrontation with Moscow over Syria, and accept the fact that it is not always able to change the direction of 'tendencies’ of history.


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