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    A man takes a picture of an artwork depicting Russian President Vladimir Putin as boxing legend Muhammad Ali during the Putin Universe exhibition in Moscow, Russia, Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2015

    Putin Becomes Most Important Piece in the Global Game of Chess

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    Vladimir Putin's influence in the world is increasing and this trend fits well into the centuries-old tradition, French writer and essayist Jean-François Colosimo noted in an interview with FigaroVox.

    Russia's nascent aerial campaign in Syria is a major milestone in this process. Putin opted for an active engagement in the Middle East, according to Colosimo, since it corresponds to his geopolitical worldview.

    The Russian president "firmly adheres to the Westphalian sovereignty principle. He is protecting the traditional system centered on sovereign nation states, which take priority over political regimes, NGOs or supranational institutions. By supporting Bashar al-Assad, whom Putin sees as the only legitimate leader in Syria, the Russian president is protecting this concept of world order," the French writer explained.

    Putin is also committed to the Russian diplomatic doctrine outlined centuries ago for the Mediterranean and the East.

    The French writer also maintains that Vladimir Putin perceives the West as a threat.

    "The sheer logic of the bipolar world, which leads to a structured confrontation between the East and the West, supports this view. In Putin's eyes, the United States has continued to act against Russia after 1989 and the fall of the Berlin Wall. Washington has tried to neutralize Russia through economic isolation via instruments of financial capitalism and NATO's military means," he explained.

    The United States had an opportunity to change its approach towards Russia following the end of the Cold War. Washington chose a different path.

    "The US still considers Russia to be its archenemy. At any rate Americans see a potential in Russians that they think they have to contain to prevent Moscow from becoming a key player in the international arena," Colosimo asserted, adding that Washington is primarily concerned with Russia's nuclear arsenal.

    The French writer is convinced that this is the primary reason why Washington has embarked on its recurring demonization campaign of Moscow.


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    • Earnie
      since when are pawns the most important chess pieces? putin and russia are nothing else than chinese vassal. russias whole economy depends on china (but not vice versa). if china wanted they could crush them in a matter of days and liberate the russian-occupied chinese east-siberia.
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      anne00mariein reply toEarnie(Show commentHide comment)
      Earnie, Russia and China complement each other, both needing just as much from each other?
    • Earniein reply toanne00marie(Show commentHide comment)
      anne00marie, how exactly does china need russia? the only thing they use russia for is as a cheap gas station, but with iran on the market and the new silk route that bypasses Russia they could also easily use gas and oil from the middle east (also, if they would force russia to return the stolen chinese territory in siberia, then china could easily produce their own gas). and when it comes to weapon tech, just look at their new fighterjets or ships. they are already ahead of russia and soon russia will have to copy from them :)
    • I would say Vladimir Putin is now a global leader.
    • Earniein reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      yves albert, global leader of a regional power and economic dwarf? don't make me laugh ;)
    • Eva Brownin reply toEarnie(Show commentHide comment)
      Earnie, Oh !!!! Bernie !!! Bernie !!! If someone is vassal from someone is USA from china look to the amount of money USA is in debt to China !!! 3% of american taxes are interests that americans are paying to the chinese. And as the public debt in USA is a never stop is why USA is in war everywere and implementing forming and supporting terror not only in Syria but in Iraq China etc.. with Islamic terror groups financed for the biggests democracies of the world "Saudi Araby , Qatar , Emirates , Koweit" . Really surprising isn't ? But easy to underdtand Dolar parity is no more with gold since Nixon because as we understand today there is no more gold at fort knox and european countries that now are asking for their gold ... don t see it !!!! So dolar parity is based on Oil !!!! But oil .... is going down and is a question of time that it blows up thats why USA is specialized in that kind of terror to sell more weapons maybe next step is dolar parity versus weapons who knows .. but spread winds of war and terror is good to business even if there are other player on table like France England Sweeden Germany China and Russia for example. Any way what at present seems to be is that USA is a vassal of Saudis they order and americans do like doggies. Lol be friend from a country that even didn t sign the Universal Declaration of Human Rigths is amazing more amazing because is USA remember USA not north korea !!!!
      Speaking about china everybody knows that if all chinese piss at same time Japan will disappear from the map a tsunami would "clean" it and the pacif coast if USA would suffer too.
      In this world when people respects each other things go rigth as now they go between Russia and China they make and develop good businesses not needing americans on meadle I know it hurts USA supremacy theory but is only a theory. USA has since +- 40 years only bad presidents with only one more or less good an outsider from hollywood. All candidates at present from democrats to republicans , sorry to say , are Idiots I m really sorry for americans and sorry because i love USA and it makes me suffer to many Idiots ruling that country.
    • Eva Brownin reply toEarnie(Show commentHide comment)
      Earnie, Lol were did you learn so much about geography ??? At kindergarden ??? when you finish your superior studies at kindergarden. You only write bullshits ... take this Russia wants back Alaska the business was not conform the law.
    • Earniein reply toEva Amram(Show commentHide comment)
      Sequerra Sequerra, I totally agree that we don't need the yanks. but why would anyone need the russkies. they are as bad bullies as the yanks. about a hundred years of enslavement of eastern europe make this more than obvious. China should team up with the EU, since they already do more trade with them in a year than with russia in a decade, not to mention that many more chinese travel to EU for business, studying and holidays than to Russia, so the ties are much closer anyway.
    • sophm0e38in reply toEarnie(Show commentHide comment)
      Earnie, you're clearly not aware of the numerous attacks in various forms e.g. economic, political, that the U.S. and allies are conducting against China. Yes the Chinese fighter jet, heard the one that crashed after a gust of wind.

      You sound like Obama and you know nothing about Russia's economy much less China's. According to you we're all victim to a collective hallucination, it's not Russia cleaning up a NATO mess in Syria, it's China.
    • Eva Brownin reply toEarnie(Show commentHide comment)
      You should go visit Russia .. not moscow or sain pettersbourg ... go to true russia yes go to novobirski in Siberia you can see how many chinese are living there .. ;) ... no go you go rent a car travel into small villages and find the real russian spirit they are kind friendly smart and open to strangers much more you can imagine and honests. Nothing better than go. After write be back.
    • Earniein reply tosophm0e38(Show commentHide comment)
      sophm0e38, so which attacks is the EU performing. now I am curious. u porobably have no clue how strong the relationship between europe and china is. Europe had already diplomatic ties with China long before the russian civilisation even existed (cf. Sino-Roman relations). Your Russia is nothing more than a buffer country between the super powers EU and China.
    • Earniein reply toEva Amram(Show commentHide comment)
      Sequerra Sequerra, well. let's have a look at the numbers of oversea chinese, shall we:

      Russia: 200k-400k (and many of them live in the chinese regions in the east that russia currently occupies)
      EU: > 1 million (UK alone has over 450k)

      (all stats according to chinese gov sources)
    • avatar
      cmat.wolfgangin reply toEarnie(Show commentHide comment)
      you are just a sick Jewish bastard,
      fuck off and go to hell!!
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