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    Free Syrian Army fighters carry a weapon during what they said was preparations for an operation to strike at forces loyal to Syria's president Bashar Al-Assad in order to break a siege on the city of Beit Gin located in western countryside of Damascus in Deraa, Syria September 30, 2015

    What's Behind Carter's Claim That Russia Will Suffer Casualties in Syria?

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    When US Defense Secretary Ash Carter said that he expects Russia will soon suffer casualties, his phrase sparked the question whether the Pentagon has a Soviet-Afghanistan redux in mind for Syria, Germany-based political scientist and analyst Phil Butler remarks.

    The real life "war on ISIL" conducted by the US is completely different from what Washington's tame media sources are telling the public: in fact it is a part of a US strategy of widespread regime change across much of the world, Germany-based American political scientist and analyst Phil Butler notes.

    "Without expanding our story too far, the Arab Spring we heard so much about is not finished yet. As Barack Obama and other Western leaders have made abundantly clear, Bashar Assad's government must be overthrown by whatever means. ISIL, or even al-Qaeda, they're only bit players in an overall strategy to shift world affairs," Butler pointed out in his article for New Eastern Outlook.

    The US' large-scale project in the Middle East is supported by its partners and NATO allies, such as Australia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Bahrain, the UAE, Morocco, Canada, Turkey and the United Kingdom. Also allied with the coalition are the Kurdish administration in Northern Iraq, the so-called "Syrian opposition," and, rather surprisingly, America's bitter enemy al-Qaeda, along with numerous jihadist extremist groups like al-Nusra, the political scientist underscored.

    And here comes Russia…

    "Russia is now flying support for a massive Syrian Army push to regain territory and control. The short story being, ISIL has suffered more losses in the last few days than throughout the US/Coalition campaign supposedly designed to eradicate these terrorists," Butler emphasized.

    It goes without saying that Russia has largely upset the US and Co.'s applecart in the region.

    Butler quoted US investigative reporter Jeffrey Silverman, who told him that Washington has invested too much in this Middle Eastern project to allow Russia "to just fly in and sort out the terrorists once and for all."

    "We can expect that the US, its proxies, including Turkey, Jordan and Israel, will provide all necessary covert material support to try to save their joint project," Silverman emphasized.

    Russian air force strike the Islamic State in Syria
    Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
    The question remains open how far Washington will go to halt the Russo-Syrian advance in the war zone.

    Commenting on the issue, Butler called attention to US Defense Secretary Ash Carter's recent remarks over Russia's involvement in Syria.

    "This will have consequences for Russia itself. And I also expect that in the coming days, the Russians will begin to suffer casualties in Syria," Carter said.

    Furthermore, less than a week ago Barack Obama declared that Syria would become a "quagmire" for Russia, the US analyst highlighted.

    Carter and Obama's words were not just casual comments, according to Butler. The political scientist referred to the fact that about three decades ago the Reagan administration provided the Afghani Mujaheddin, the would-be Taliban fighters, with Stingers to inflict serious damage on the USSR's Air Force in Afghanistan. So, is this the option Carter and Obama are hinting at?

    "At this juncture, if Obama gives a green light to jihadists shooting down Russian planes, America will be exposed in the game. With millions of lives at stake in the region, and hundreds of millions more affected by the refugee crisis, sanctions, and America polarizing the world, the string pullers of Washington have few options," the analyst pointed out.

    "If I were Ash Carter, I'd make damn sure Russian pilots had an American wing man or two. Even a lucky hit on an SU-34 sends a signal — Afghanistan Redux — America is guilty of chaos again," Phil Butler stressed.


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    • The Russians can supply VERBA to the taliban and send the US packing from Afghanistan in 3 months.
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      Us will surely try something to antagonize Russia
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      Gee does ashton carter and obama have anything at all in their heads. They can arm their savages in syria with anti aircraft rockets sure . But dont forget russia has them too and the next country or group they decide to bomb could easily be armed by russia with snti aircraft rockets. Whats more , russian anti aircraf is more effective then outdated US stingers. The taliban are just itching for effective man pads .These people are dumb beyond brlief
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      Russia must do in large quantity and quality, and in lighting fast before all these high tech ground to air missiles arrive in great numbers. Once these tools arrive, Russia should limited air but missiles instead.
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      It would be interesting to see a follow-up article about how different Syria is than Afghanistan. The most significant points I can think of are the flow of information (Internet) and the very different geopolitical situation.

      If NATO were a cat, it would be on its 8 1/2 life regarding Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea. NATO is also on life 8 1/2 - 8 3/4 with many Western citizens. Any attack on Russian planes by NATO, whether by proxy or direct would be a foolish act of war that could have disastrous consequences. Merely leaving Syria and even the Middle East and Ukraine, would leave NATO in a much stronger position than its current recalcitrant mindset that is more typical among children.
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      Neil McGowan
      I believe Carter said that Russia would suffer casualties at home. In other words, he predicts (ie he is funding a black op) that Islamic movements within Russia will restart terrorist attacks on the Russian population.

      It's well known that the Pentagon was funding the activities of nutters like Basaev. Tony Blair gave political asylum to the wanted terrorist Ahmed Zakayev - Basaev's right-hand man, a murderer who once machine-gunned a hospital ward of pregnant women, and the vile sack of ordure who abused his political asylum in Britain to make phone calls claiming Chechen responsibility for the Beslan school massacre.

      However, things have moved on in Chechnya. The Kremlin has treated modern Chechnya well, pouring trillions into infrastructure spending there. Chechens are onside with the Kremlin these days.

      So I wonder which nutters Trash Carter is going to fund? Probably there are some loons in Ingushetia he could sponsor? Or perhaps he'll look across the borders to Uzbekistan - where there are Daesh groupings who might enjoy McDonalds for breakfast?
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      If carried out in Syria or in Russia itself, Carter's veiled threats will lead to WWIII.
    • james
      most commentors here seem worried about manpads- the Russian jets are flying much higher than the range of these weapons. the terrorists would need some brand new advanced systems, and if they suddenly get ahold of some, it will be obvious where they got them from. that would risk retribution by Russia, or at least the sealing off of the borders with turkey and jordan. perhaps chinese troops would help cordon off these borders?
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      Very disturbing...US stated they are getting out of Syria, terminating the training programs. Too good to be true! May be just avoiding US aircrafts to be taken down by mistake once the weapons are delivered to the "moderate rebels"?
    • Do you recall Russian Donbass last year and during the winter month of this year? GRADs and artillery were the Gods to both sides - Banderastan and Novorossiyan Russians.

      Where are the GRAD systems in Syrian hands which where so effective in suppressing and annihilating Ukrainian Forces when they wanted to ethnic cleanse the Donbass republics?

      Do "Syrian Voyentorg" or "Syrian Express" exist today through which Russia supplies Syria with new weapons and in great quantities, enabling Syrian Army to wipe out the rats supported by CIA, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Turkey? Just as Russian did saving Donbass republics when the USA colonized Ukraine in 2014?

      Some moves are clandestine but such Syrian victories would be known thanks to the whining American MSM. But I read nothing about such spectacular victories, the systems helped to win few decisive battles in Donbass. Not to read about conquering puny small wads, like the small Kyn Valley yesterday, what was shouted out as a great "victory".

      Russia must intensify warfare in Syria but qualitatively mostly.
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      Sure I'm that Russia already has an antidote for the manpads and other western weapons. US & UK want to create an Afgan scenario but they are going to fall in a new and even more lethal Vietnam. Chechen mercenaries (again sponsored by US & UK) made use of stingers and finally they were defeat. Russia knew from the beginning that this fight is de facto against the western hegemonic tirany.

      Greetings from Mexico
    • The hope is rising day by day. New information from unofficial pages: Syrian Army has Buratinos!

      The ISIS will burn heavy flamethrowers: in Syria arrived "the Sun"

      Who, what and how is bombing "ISIS": how does it the Russian group in Syria
    • bugei009
      He only too obviously left out ISRAEL.
      A Hypocrocacy at it's finest folks.

      "Furthermore, less than a week ago Barack Obama declared that Syria would become a "quagmire" for Russia, the US analyst highlighted."

      Quotes from hypocrits & losers w/ the propaganda wars full speed nobody I know in America respects or thinks Obozo is the man. Lowest popularity ever in fact so low they won't even do a LEGIT Poll to show the numbers on Obozo's disapproval numbers it's that bad. In fact the opposite. "Ass Hat" Carter the same. After losing Iraq & Afghanistan in the biggest quagmire in US history Obozo even thinks to say such nonsense ?

      The US / UK & it's cohorts really screwed the pooch on this one.
      Russia will be on the right side of history again. Bravo Russia !
    • Hermes
      The Americans can try to hide behind any proxy they choose but any missile hitting a Russian plane will be regarded as coming straight from an american gun. They can prepare for high noon if that happens.
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      eric.powell44in reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      kassander, The "Syrian Express" has been spewing TOS-1A thermobaric rocket launchers onto the dockside at Tartus for about the last 6 months. Assad's forces will drive ISIS out of the built up areas into the open to be destroyed by these weapons. They do not intend to let any terrorist out of the country. A group of 20 Chechens fighting with ISIS did make it back to chechenya, where they were met and executed by Chechen special forces.
    • in reply toeric.powell44(Show commentHide comment)

      Many thanks. But Turkish border is in hands of... Turks and their vermins trained by them. It'll be tough to apprehend the venomous worms in so called battle "bottles/bags" and eradicate.

      By the way I wonder what does Mr. Putin plan to do with the 6000-7000 Russians fighting on ISIS/ISIL/IP side now. The Middle East borders are porous like hell as for now.
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      eric.powell44in reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      kassander, He has stated his position a number of times- Nobody fighting for the terrorist organisations will be allowed to return home, make of that what you will. Chechenya has already eliminated around 20 that tried to return there.
    • in reply toeric.powell44(Show commentHide comment)

      OK, I'll be more serious now adding to think over some issues for those who want to read and to think. And who did not stick to the Russian propaganda with a force of Scotch-tape, specially you, who rely so much on, in your comments. I did few corrections to the Yandexan translations.

      The Goal
      Excerpt - " Quote 1 - The task of the Russian military operation in Syria is the stabilization of the legitimate authorities in the country, said the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

      Quote 2 - "Our goal is to stabilize the legitimate government and create conditions for political compromise," he said in an interview to the program "Sunday evening with Vladimir Solovyov" on TV channel "Russia-1".

      (El Murid:) In General, Putin reiterated the idea previously raised that any defeat of the terrorists are not considered (orig. talking) - in plans or talking (orig. and there was not). The main task - it's to debilitate (orig. Dolomiti) them to the point where the survivors will agree to sit down at the negotiating table with Assad. Of course, if they actually sit."

      The active phase

      Excerpt - "(Mean)While what is happening in Syria is not encouraging. Despite the bravura reports and a very obvious the patriotic madness in the media, the situation remains the same in general. Assad continues to hang in a balance, Pro-Western terrorists are suffering losses - human and material, but the tempo is already lost (as in Ukraine), the West is actively preparing to make up for these losses. Even if the offensive of the army of Assad will be able to return the operational situation on the winter level, the Islamic front will receive all the necessary assistance to restore the balance and be ready again to rock the war swing in the opposite direction. The army of Assad will settle to the bottom of all their available reserves at today's offensive - and re-strike fighters will not be able to withstand. Then, once again, to prevent the military defeat of Assad, 20 aircraft will not be enough. You will either have to surrender Assad, or to introduce new forces into the conflict.

      The "cunning plans" (Kassander: of Putin, of Kremlin), unfortunately, other results (won't) happen: if you expect not to win, but only to simulate support, it is ridiculous to assume that your opponents will be playing (with) you your game. Especially if the rules in the (new) games they'll define."

      Overview combat situation. Syria

      Excerpt - ""A Native of Donbass with the Callsign "Timur", is currently in the Kurdish militia, responsible for the coordination of actions with the units of the Syrian army, reports a summary of the fighting of the army of Syria and the Russian air force for the last two days.

      Operation of government troops in Syria unfolds on two main areas.

      The first direction is Hama. The province capital, rich developed city, is in a kind of semicircle of the territories captured by militants and terrorists. Here now are fighting for the town of Kefar Nbuda, located ten kilometers North of Hama. The day before the militants retreated here from the district of qal'at Madiq and Mgir. Taking this item opens the way government troops on rebel positions in parts of Habita, El-Litany, Kefar Zita and Khan Shaykhun.

      The second area is North of Latakia province and southern Idlib province. Here the attack is conducted along the mountain range, across the plain of Sahl al-Haba. To build on the success of the government forces is impossible without the capture of the fortifications of the militants on the heights. These positions allow terrorists to fire at literally through the plain, on both sides. The big problem for the government forces representing the American anti-tank guided complexes (ATGM) "Tau-1", which militants use skillfully and effectively."

      Gents, start to read more than Sputnik or rt.com. Please.
    • The key is the unlimited about to expire old model Iskanders that can be fired from Ro-Ro batteries just off the docks at Latakia , about 2,000 should be able to chase all the chechen takfiris to the gates of Hell, there is no worry about collateral damage, the whole of Raqqa can be flattened.
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