15:39 GMT30 May 2020
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    During the period from 2011 to August 2014, Turkey took in 1.5 million Syrian refugees. In October another 40,000 Syrian refugees fled to Turkey. Despite their unfortunate fate, the migrants still continue to reside in refugee camps.

    “But why all of a sudden have thousands of them decided to leave Turkey, despite the military blockade? Why do they want to go to Europe and not to the Arab oil monarchies of the Persian Gulf or Iran?” Portuguese website Publico wrote.

    Since 2011, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, unable to independently overthrow the government of Bashar al-Assad, tried to convince US President Barack Obama of the need to remove Assad from the political scene.

    According to the testimony of former US intelligence employee Edward Snowden, Islamic State was the brainchild of the CIA, Mossad and MI6. Hillary Clinton, in turn, has repeatedly stated that ISIL received financial aid from the Arab sheikhs in their quest to over throw the Syrian government.

    Moreover, Qatari television channel Al Jazeera repeatedly showed shocking images of decapitation, the destruction of ancient monuments, such as the Afghan Buddha and reported about abuse against women in the region.

    But to all of this Obama’s response was silence, Nazanin Armanian wrote for Publico.

    All these terrible consequences followed, after the situation in the Middle East changed dramatically after the signing of an agreement on Iran's nuclear program. The balance of forces in the region, which was previously established in favor of Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, took a sharp turn.

    Iran managed to avoid a military confrontation with the US, and achieve Obama’s consent not to intervene militarily in the internal affairs of Syria.

    Following this change, Saudi Arabia's King Salman fears that Iran with the support of the United States will once again be “the ruler of the Gulf” and take a leading role in the oil market. That is why the Saudis are trying to keep the oil prices low in the global market, Armanian wrote.

    Likewise, during a meeting between the Saudi king and Obama in the final document there was not a single word about Iran and its ambitions in Syria and Yemen.

    Last May, the United States and Turkey agreed to establish an exclusion zone on Syrian soil, allegedly to protect civilians and refugees under the guise of a military base, which is planned to be established in Syria.

    US Vice President Joe Biden also has a plan. He believes that Assad should not outlast Obama and for that he proposes the ‘balkanization’ of Syria, dividing it into zones controlled by the Alawite, Sunni and Kurds, Publico reported.

    Within the framework of the so-called controlled chaos in the Middle East, the Pentagon is seeking to cut across the ‘Silk Road’ that China is working on to connect Asia to Europe.

    Meanwhile, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan seeks to fulfill his agenda and bury the dream of Syrian Kurds to establish their autonomy in northern Syria. Using the media hype about the refugee crisis in Europe, Erdogan seeks to get rid of the Kurds, especially in his own country.


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