00:29 GMT26 January 2021
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    The cache, discovered during security operations in the country’s south, will add to the Syrian Army’s massive seized collection of foreign weapons smuggled into the country and handed out to rebels and jihadi militants over the years to try and topple the Damascus government.

    The Syrian Army and local authorities have discovered a huge stock of weapons, ammunition and narcotics in the Damascus countryside.

    According to SANA, the find included dozens of machine guns, sniper rifles, rocket propelled grenades, and anti-tank missiles, as well as communications equipment, night vision binoculars, and various kit. Among the weapons was a rocket launcher bearing a similarity to the Matador, a German-Israeli-Singaporean rocket launcher design.

    Along with the guns and ammo, the Army seized what appears to be well over 100 large bags of narcotics. Some of the bags feature a stylized Lexus symbol – a well-known ‘brand’ of captagon amphetamine drugs commonly used by Daesh (ISIS)* and other jihadis to give fighters delusions of grandeur, allow them to stay awake longer and temporarily increase their pain threshold.

    According to SANA’s source, a group of foreign-backed terrorists was arrested during the bust, with the militants engaged, among other things, in the smuggling of materials used to manufacture improvised explosive devices. This included the seizure of thousands of detonators and explosive devices.

    In addition, security operations led to the discovery of several dozen tunnels, improvised weapons and ammo depots, and large quantities of logistical equipment, which terrorists used to hide in after attacking safe zones and Syrian Army checkpoints.

    * A terrorist group outlawed in Russia and many other countries.


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