00:37 GMT26 January 2021
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    Earlier in May, the new Russian next-generation Su-57 fighter jets, capable of destroying all types of air, ground or naval surface targets, passed all tests and fulfilled all set requirements.

    A Chinese expert from the Sohu media outlet praised the new Russian cutting edge Su-57 fighter, noting that Russia has made a "breakthrough", since Su-57 is the first fifth-generation plane with the abilities of a sixth-generation aircraft.

    The expert outlined the possibility of an unmanned piloting mode and artificial-intelligence combat capabilities. Technology implemented in the Su-57 can allow it to have extreme overload, only limited by the amount of physical abuse tolerable by the pilot.

    "Another five-generation aircraft made a breakthrough, as the Russian Su-57 was tested for the first time. Unmanned driving mode allowed Russia's fifth-generation aircraft to use the technology of the sixth-generation aircraft, and then the Russian military ordered immediate production", the expert's article said.

    The trials of the Su-57 jets were conducted earlier in May, resulting in the fighters fulfilling all requirements.

    The planes, capable of destroying all types of surface targets, were ordered by Russian Ministry of Defence in 2019.


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