03:22 GMT26 January 2021
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    During a demonstration flight in Sevastopol, the Su-30SM fighter aircraft suffered a premature deployment of a braking parachute.

    The malfunction was caught on video at the All-Army Stage of Aviadarts-2019 Flight Crews Contest. For an unknown reason, the parachute opened up during the execution of the aerobatic figure “Pugachev’s Cobra”.

    The incident did not affect the flight of the Su-30SM, which continued the performance and landed without further emergencies. The Russian Aerospace Forces didn’t provide any official commentary.

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    “Pugachev’s Cobra” was named after test pilot Viktor Pugachev, who in 1989 at the Le Bourget Air Show (France), performed the aerobatic figure while flying the Su-27 in order to convince exhibitors of Soviet aviation’s advanced level of development.


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