04:47 GMT05 April 2020
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    The People’s Liberation Army Rocket Force has commissioned 22 new DF-26 intermediate range ballistic missile launching brigades.

    The DF-26 has been dubbed the "Guam Killer" since it possesses a range of about 3,000 to 4,000 kilometers, or roughly 1,900 to 2,500 miles, according to the Center for Strategic and International Studies' Missile Defense Project. The missile "can be armed with a conventional or nuclear warhead" and is capable of reaching "most US military bases in the eastern Pacific Ocean," CSIS notes.

    The PLA Daily announced on Monday that the PLA-RF's latest DF-26 missile brigade comprises 22 12-axle DF-26 transporter erector launchers.

    The DF-26 missile brigade is tailored for two missions, the PLA Daily reported. One is to carry out "rapid nuclear counterattacks" and the second is to conduct "conventional medium and long-range precision strikes against important land targets and medium-sized ships at sea."

    Beijing maintains a no-first-use policy with regard to firing live nuclear weapons against an enemy, so the nuclear-tipped DF-26s would only under those guidelines see action as a retaliatory measure.

    Per CSIS, there is another known brigade of DF-26 road-mobile missile launchers deployed with the PLA-Rocket Force "stationed at Base 54 near Luoyang in Henan province."

    According to the Mirror, CCTV reported on Tuesday that China has about 2,500 DF-26 intermediate range missiles.


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