17:59 GMT +326 March 2017
    S-400 regiment enters on duty in Crimea

    Ankara Not to Integrate S-400 System Into NATO Missile Defense System

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    S-400 missile system that Ankara plans to buy from Russia will not be integrated into NATO missile defense system, Turkish Defense Minister Fikri Işık said on Thursday.

    "The Russian S-400 system will not be integrated into NATO missile defense system," Işık said.

    On Wednesday, Turkish Defense Minister said that Ankara and Moscow made certain progress in talks on delivery of Russian-made S-400 air defense systems to Turkey, but the sides are still not ready to strike a deal.

    Russia's Rostech CEO Sergei Chemezov earlier confirmed that Moscow and Ankara were in talks on deliveries of S-400 air defense systems to Turkey. The S-400 is Russia's next-generation air defense system, carrying three different types of missiles capable of destroying aerial targets at a short-to-extremely-long range. The weapon is capable of tracking and destroying all existing aerial targets, including ballistics and cruise missiles.

    Turkey canceled last November its $4-billion tender for the procurement of components for a domestic missile defense system announced in 2009.

    The S-400 Triumf Mobile Multiple Anti-Aircraft Missile System (AAMS)
    © Sputnik/
    The S-400 Triumf Mobile Multiple Anti-Aircraft Missile System (AAMS)
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    • Mikhas
      Nice to have you unreliable jihadist backstabbers onboard but regarding S-400, keep your hopes high and dream on.....

      Perhaps one day on your path to become civilized you'll have it, sort of, integrated under a Russian-China umbrella.
    • avatar
      Erdogan is most likely buying it for NATO, to study for countermeasures. Erdogan is not of the people.
    • avatar
      Erdogans pitch will be that he cannot leave NATO without being vulnerable to attack from NATO into the future which is a fair and reasonable position to push.
    • avatar
      Prior to any Letter of Intent and other documentations that usually follows before actual agreement, Russia should clearly ask Turkey to name against whom it will be used these S-400 as Turkey is surrounded by three NATO countries and 6 non NATO including Russia. None of these countries has any intention neither open nor secret to attack Turkey therefore no need for S-400. Further more until Turkey is officially member of NATO Russia is officially their Enemy and only danger is from Russian air attack in case of military conflict between NATO and Russia as in such case Turkey will be obliged to wage war against Russia and if that happens Turkey wants to be sure that Russian superior jets will be denied free entry into Turkish airspace.

      Russia should condition such delivery only if Turkey prior to delivery officially exit NATO, break association agreement with EU and join Russian led coalition. If Russia delivers these systems to Turkey as it is now they should be altered so much that it would not hit aircraft carrier (ship ) flying 1000 meters high and 10 km away.
    • avatar
      Vlad please supply us Greeks with S400 to protect ourselves from the S400 you will deliver to Erdogan 😀
    • avatar
      Wise to sell or unwise?
      Very very hard diplomatic maneuvers.....Russia can't say No!...But would be foolhardy to sell advanced weaponry to a nation (post Erdogan) who might use it on Russia?
      Likely given the long delays in manufacturing with many countries purchasing S400's, a long wait is assured before delivery to Turkey. When the S500's are fully operational and the new S700's are nearly off the drawing board, might be the time to sell turkey the S400's?
      You get the picture?
    • Mensa
      Russia must not do this mistake and sell it.
    • FeEisi
      Greece won't like this, especially if Turkey places it near its border. Turkey will be better able to reclaim any islands it feels are it owns.
    • avatar
      Thing is NOT against ANKARA. I all for selling it to Turkey, BUT not as a NATO member.
      Is too much of a risk.
      Although, U.S is courting India to get the hands on.
      India is like a TRAITOR right now. It want a military MAKE IN INDIA, and then patrol and exercises with Japan and U.S by China Sea. WOW..
      Russia shouldn't allow the FIASCO that happened in Ukraine, to happen in India.
      Russia gear should be MAKE IN RUSSIA.
      Right now they DESPERATE to get their greasy paws on the S 1090 jetliner, Don't be SO NAIVE.
      Go to V NAM, and there make some components in Russian factories operating in V Nam. THAT makes SENSE.
      Get two big bases.
      Always waiting then to claim. We are been surrounded. Your OWN FAULT!!!

      MEXICO gave a hint. What Russia does? OUR PARTNERS!!

      Are you MAD? Then Germany.. What is wrong with Russia?

      Russia MUST change it's ways or disappear.

      Go to MEXICO, they may MAKE IN RUSSIA Volk's and other things MEXICO owns. Mexico is a GREAT PLATFORM to deal with Russia. FORGET E.U..
      Retaliate against Ukraine and do same to their banks and all fin institutions. They want to STEAL that cash.
      Russia should even consider attacking Ukraine. And end the WAFFEN SS government. Restore it's old GOV and change that DUMB U.S dictated constitution.
      Preventing MAIDAN with 25 years in jail.
      Plus signing a protection pact with Russia. Even against color revolutions.
      This should had NEVER happened. And U.S is weakening India sectors to create another country. DON'T BE NAIVE!!

      India call centers and management destroyed many U.S corporations. They extremely ARROGANT, liars, and want to do what they WANT , to serve the corporation purpose ONLY, The HINDU way..
      Russia should get V NAM maybe into EEU... MAYBE. and CSTO.
    • avatar
      I would not trust Erdogan, he is unstable and very unpredictable. One already backstabb Russia now he is fight we EU. He can't be trusted
    • NATOisEVIL
      I cant understand that Russia will ever sell these S-400 to Turkey, just talk.
    • james
      i bet there is a secret deal afoot, in which turkey will quit nato and join sco right before delivery.
    • Korz53
      Trust but verify? ..... Better; Do not trust and so will not need to bother to verify .
    • avatar
      Sitting on the fence with heavy Russian military equipment and heavy American military equipment will certainly make the fence collapse.
      Then what?
      Do not sell any S400's to Turkey...bad move!
    • avatar
      Hard to trust Erdogan under any circumstances.
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