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    Chengdu J-20: Will Japan's X-3 Dominate the J-20?

    Chinese Stealth J-20 Jet Enters Service With PLA

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    China has put its new Chengdu J20 stealth fighter jet in service, in efforts to develop a marine corps and a “first class” Navy, while simultaneously narrowing the military gap with US. Beijing’s military is undergoing major upgrades, complete with advanced submarines and anti-satellite missiles, all under the supervision of President Xi Jinping.

    Chinese planespotters first saw the J20 in 2010, and the public got its first glimpse of the craft at the Zhuhai airshow in November 2016. The military channel on China’s state television confirmed that the plan had entered service on Thursday. 

    What remains to be seen is whether the J20 can evade radar with the same aptitude as Lockheed Martin’s F-35 strike jet, or Lockheed’s air-to-air combat jet F-22 Raptor. The development of the new Chinese aircraft began in the late 1990s and had its first flight in 2011.

    In November 2016, aviation journalist Andreas Rupprecht wrote in the Aviationist, "The J-20 is a giant leap for the PLAAF both capability-wise and technology-wise. Did anyone of us expect a Chinese stealth fighter to be operational before 2020 when asked in, let’s say, 2010?"

    The speed of the craft’s development outpaced that of the F-35, and was specifically built to exploit a weakness in the US Air Force airborne early warning and control aircraft, and unarmed aerial refuelers.

    In 2014, while then-US President Barack Obama was attending an Asia-Pacific summit in China, Beijing presented an unfinished J-31 twin-engine jet, a craft meant to compete with the F-35. 

    President Donald Trump’s unpredictable stance in the region has Beijing on edge as it continues to bolster its Navy. During an annual parliament meeting, People's Liberation Army Navy’s (PLAN) Deputy Chief of Staff Wang Weiming told the Xinhua news agency, "We will intercept any intruding aircraft and follow every military vessel in areas under our responsibility." In describing China’s marine corps development, he said, "Our sailors should stay vigilant and be able to deal with emergencies at all times."

    Wang noted that Beijing’s second indigenous aircraft carrier is in “good shape” and is in the process of being fitted. The new carrier is expected to enter service around 2020, along with the Liaoning, China’s only other aircraft carrier.

    PLAN’s political commissar of armaments, Li Yanming, remarked that a "first-class navy should be equipped with first-class armaments,” adding that manufacturing naval arms would have "better quantity, quality, scope, and functionality." 

    China’s regional neighbors have been unnerved by its more aggressive stance in the South China Sea, with Beijing increasing defense spending and building artificial islands that are reportedly outfitted with weapons.

    On Monday, Beijing announced that its defense budget would increase by 7 percent, adding a little over $150 billion, roughly a quarter of what Washington spends annually.

    "The aircraft carrier is still in training and trial stage. The marines remain weak, and the number and quality of long-distance vessels do not meet expectations," said Wang Huayong, deputy political commissar of the Eastern Theatre Command.


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      Was execting a video of the j20
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      God bless China.
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      ronin reply toespenskrdal(Show commentHide comment)
      espenskrdal, And may I add, and those Chinese parts and products which easily find their way to the States.
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      Just a prediction that if a war breakout, China's adversary may not meet with these stealth jets but stealth drones. And not in squadrons but the release of a bee colony toward her enemies. China is in her gene to emphasize in quantities. Once they mastered a skill, mass produced akways in their gene. Just have to wait and see.
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      China is progressing very fast. I think they are going to hang USA on military and economic front. USA cant do anything in South china sea. Wait 10 more years and China will get what they want in South China Sea. USA is a sleeping elephant. Maybe China will replace USA as world biggest economy. (unless if USA wises up)
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      China is making planes Iphones and you name it. USA economy will see big drop in standard of living once china starts introducing its high tech products in future. Even japan will suffer.
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      luckysin reply tocmps309(Show commentHide comment)
      cmps309, Because they steal peoples shit u dumbass.. How about china make something on their own for fucking once..
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      DerExpertein reply toluckys(Show commentHide comment)
      luckys, Chinese invented Paper, Money Gunpowder, Compass, Holistic Health, Fork and Chopstick, Coffins, Printing, Alcoholic beverage and the process of fermentation, Sericulture....and so on YOU ARE THE DUMBASS!
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      luckysin reply toDerExperte(Show commentHide comment)
      DerExperte, Chopsticks really wtf who gives a flying fuck about a chopstick dude
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      The reason China build planes thst looked USA alike is their secret thought. If a war breakout and dog fight happen, the AWAC planes have to keep track of who is who out there. Visually they look alike, especially tge drones and helicopters. Nut to say look alike is a copy or stolen tech may not be accurate because model planes, photos are everywhere. What count is what are in the inside. The outside anyone can make things look alike but China planes may not have the US inside qualities. So complain please
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      Where is the OBama's EXCEPTIONALISM now???
    • horseguardsin reply tocmps309(Show commentHide comment)
      cmps309, Given the southern trajectory of the US generally, I think 3-5 years is possible by default; Russia will be second. While the US is intent on alienating potential and actual allies, the same are looking elsewhere to consolidate and expand secure and stable relationshps in the political, economic, diplomatic and security arenas.
    • horseguardsin reply toluckys(Show commentHide comment)
      luckys, And of course, the CIA never spies on potential and actual economic competitors. Once more, the primacy that is US capitalism is shown its arse by former communist countries. How's that for the ultimate fuckin' irony?
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      Lol the picture on the story is a drawing hahaha what a fail
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