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    Critical India-Russia Pact to Improve Fighter Aircraft Availability

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    India and Russia are trying to correct the tardy supply of spares for fighter aircraft with a pact that would pave the way for local manufacturing of spares. This move should give further impetus to Indo-Russia defense ties.

    New Delhi (Sputnik) — India and Russia are at an advanced stage of signing a long-term arrangement that includes the manufacturing some of the spares of Russian-made aircraft being assembled in India.

    Sources say talks between both countries are at an advanced stage for setting up a logistics hub for its most lethal combat aircraft, the Su-30MKI, at the facilities of Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) in Bangalore.

    "Our status with Russia is much better than two years back. We have signed many of the contracts this year, very few are left. We are working on long-term arrangements including the manufacturing some of the spares in India. Earlier, there were some problems due to the need to change their [Russian] laws," Manohar Parrikar, India's Defense Minister, said.

    Sources told Sputnik that delegation level talks are scheduled in March to sign the contract for improving spare parts availability including manufacturing some of them in India. Meanwhile, a significant improvement has witnessed in the availability of Sukhoi-30 fighter aircraft in last two years. "Sukhoi availability which had slipped to 46 per cent today is now above 63 per cent," Parrikar said.

    The Indian Air Force (IAF) has finalized a long-term repair agreement with Russian original equipment manufacturers to improve the availability of aircraft for operational use. But it takes up to 18 months to deliver spare parts from Russia mainly due to cumbersome bureaucratic process and extensive documentation.

    The Indian government is of opinion that a logistic hub will further improve the availability of Sukhoi-30 from the current 63 per cent. Currently the IAF has over 200 Su-30MKI fighters in its fleet and is expected to receive more by 2019. India has contracted for the delivery of 272 Su-30MKI with Russia. 75 per cent of operational fighter aircraft in the IAF are of Russian origin. This includes MiG-21, MiG-27, MiG-29 and Su-30MKI fighter aircraft.

    Parrikar has also asked Russia to speed up the supply of technical equipment for an aircraft carrier, currently under construction at Cochin shipyard, so that it is not too much behind schedule. Due to the delay in the supply of some critical components, the carrier's delivery schedule has been revised from December 2010 to December 2018. The original cost of $490 million has been revised to $2.9 billion. The delay is impairing India's maritime capabilities in the Indo-Pacific Region. India currently has lone Russian-made aircraft carrier in service whereas it needs a total of three.


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      What Russia is doing in India mean? China is cornered so is Russia, but India is friend of the world power. Yet Russia is jointly build fighter jets? But accused China of coppying jet? Refused to sell jet engines copyright to China? Fear that China would reverse engineering on those engines? Doesn't Russia ever Worrying that "you give me your tech then i passing it to my friend "
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      What Russia needs is to end a bit the bureaucracy. This MAKE IN INDIA is outright STUPID.
      Trump saw this too and is successfully offering packages to MAKE IN U.S. MAKE IN INDIA will be the end of Russia eventually. You MUST MAKE IN RUSSIA.

      But RUSSIA IS SO LAZY, that doesn't create a ship[ping lanes corporation with ships, containers and planes.
      Handling logistics to foreigners that open packages, inspect the cargo and CIA and other check all with ease.
      Don't tell me.. FED EX and others are IN RUSSIA.

      Create own logistics corporations. Russian brands. Use Russian coffers cash. This will produce the investment many times over.

      For military you cannot trust FOREIGNERS. specially SPARE PARTS.
      and TRANSFERRING TECHNOLOGIES IS kissing jobs good bye,
      look AT U.S Michigan., DETROIT. MAKE IN CHINA etc, turned it into a GHOST TOWN, packed with THUGS.

      And the list goes on and on and on.

      U.S F18's. Accidents began to happen. Investigation pinpointed the issue. Spare parts from CHINA!!! CHEAP , but didn't work long.

      Russia will have planes falling too.
      Now hope Russia is NOT so dumb to pass key technologies to create a wide plane in China.
      China can invent it's own.
      Immediately PRO western wanted to outsource a U.S corporation. ARE YOU NUTS?
      Russia CAN build the model and bring it to live. Which will be a great experience for future aircraft designers. And won't need import substitution.
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      K.Tin reply tocast235(Show commentHide comment)
      cast235, dude india doesnt copy or reverse engineer the russian product..ohkk and secondly china buying 4 su 35 seriously 4 just to copy and reverse engineer it.india never betrayed russian.but so now u can keep russian technology wid u.as india is not going to buy further russian arms as its has already vast range of countries offering tech under make in india initiative .
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      whataf005in reply toK.T(Show commentHide comment)
      K.T, Stupid India. The French already showed the middle finger to you in Rafale sales and you still have not woken up. India does not copy or reverse engineer does not make India honest. India do not even know how to copy and have the skill to reverse engineer. All you is to memorise what whiteman has written and apply bilindly. What have you all invented other than chaste to system just to discriminate yourselves. You all claim high and low among yourselves. If you are high, How would you classify the whiteman who has almost everything in this world. Look around you from your washing machine to your computer. You have not found anything new in medicine too. Atleast the Chinese invented the paper, ink and fireworks technology where the italians went into war against the Chinese to learn it. India never betrayed Russia? Remeber the 1971 war against the Pakis? Soviets took the risk by prtecting India from US and British bombardments. What has India done in return? Now buying arms from US and western countries. You did not even dare to vote to support Russia in the Ukranian and Crimean issue in the UN. So much for friendship. Russia is the only country that could pass the technology not any other country in the world. Americans want to set-up F-16 manufacturing plant in India. In actual fact Americans do not want the F-16 anymore and Indians are so stupid not to see that. Many countries offer technologies to India? Which country? You people do not even buy your own products. China products are eveywhere in India. Even Modi kneel down to China to invest in India and create jobs. India is manufacturing base for Garment Industry for China. Pathetic. What critical Industries do you have? Always waiting for others to invest and hoping to provide jobs. Russia or Soviets have taught Indians to how to create Aircrafts for almost 50years and you have not learned anything. Your Tejas aircraft is so pathetic until your own defence ministry is not willing to buy. Your aircraft is waiting for American Engines. Modi is dreaming on for "Make in India" project. Look yourself in the mirror first before you claim what you have.
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      whataf005in reply tocast235(Show commentHide comment)
      cast235, Russian are chess masters. They are well aware of that the technology they have passed will end up with enemy. They have learned it from Baltic States, Ukraine and Georgia. Even Serbia. Therefore, no need to talk about back stabber India. Sure Putin will have something up in his sleeve like how managed to kick off the Americans from Syria. Anyway, SU-30 is outdated and Russia traditionally have been more interested in missiles rather than aircrafts because US can have the biggest Air force but they are finding harder and harder to find new pilots. Furthermore, Airforce is rather expensive to maintain compare to missile forces. Furthermore, Russia might just go ahead with the PAK FA T-50 programme than consentrating on SU-30. Anyway Russia only sell the platforms or inferior products to other countries. Therefore, Indian Aircrafts or others for matter of facts might not have the same capabilities as Russian Airforce Aircrafts.
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      India is no longer interested in sco and brics..... china and Russia can carry thief baggage themselves... We in india believes that our future is with Australia-Japan- usa- Israel grouping...and not with sco and brics...if Russia gets cosy with Chinese and Pakistan they will soon see f 35 c ruling Indian skies,,,and not FGFA.... Russia can sell it Pakistan which money to buy the tyres of fgfa.... good luck Russia and china bye....bye
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