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    Russian Pacific Fleet submarines during Navy Day celebrations in Vladivostok

    Russia Closing the Gap on US With Cutting Edge Yasen Submarines

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    The United States has enjoyed unparalleled naval supremacy for more than two decades, but the most advanced submarine in Russia's arsenal, known as Severodvinsk, has recently emerged as a formidable opponent to the Pentagon's cutting-edge subs, dubbed Virginia, defense and national security writer Kyle Mizokami asserted.

    "Both submarines are the pinnacle of their country's submarine technology and, pitted against one another, would be fairly well matched," he wrote for the National Interest. The analyst also described Severodvinsk as "an unusual challenge to US naval superiority, but nevertheless one with a long, lethal pedigree."

    True, the Yasen (Ash Tree) class, also known as the Project 885, is impressive. Armed with cruise, anti-ship and anti-submarine missiles, the highly autonomous nuclear-powered multipurpose attack submarine is fast, silent and deep-diving.

    The 394-foot-long boat is capable of moving at a maximum speed of 40 miles per hour submerged. The Severodvinsk is armed with up to 32 P-800 Oniks supersonic anti-ship cruise missiles, 40 Kalibr-PL anti-ship, anti-submarine and land attack submarine launched weapons or an unspecified number of Kh-101 cruise missiles.

    The expert maintained that the Virginia class has an edge over the Severodvinsk.

    "The Virginia class is quieter and has a better sonar rig than its Russian opponent. In the world of submarine warfare, that's an unbeatable combination. It can move and detect in ways that would give away Severodvinsk. One thing to be said for Severodvinsk is that it is more capable of quickly responding to a sudden target opportunity via her supersonic Klub ASW missiles," he explained.

    Designed to replace the Akula-class subs, the Yasen class is expected to become the backbone of the Russian Navy.

    Severodvinsk, the first Yasen-class sub, entered service in June 2014 and was assigned to Russia's Northern Fleet. The second Yasen-class submarine, dubbed Kazan, will be the first watercraft of the improved Project 885. It is expected to be ready by early 2017 and will be reportedly handed over to the Russian Defense Ministry in 2018.

    Four more Yasen-class subs are currently under construction, with the sixth Project 885 watercraft, called Perm, laid down in late July. A total of six updated Yasen-class submarines are due to join the Russian Navy by 2020.


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      the usg has had unparalleled idiocy for more than two decades.
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      Borei Class is quieter than Virginia - who is this article kidding ?
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      Mizokami wrote another article recently on the superiority of F-22 and F-35? he is becoming notorious with pumping up permanently flat tyres with Helium gas.
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      "It wont do the job but it will make everyone laugh" ..... get it?
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      Sputnik, please change the agency you purchase articles from. They are seriously discrediting you.

      When did the US last launch a new submarine and how long did it take to get into active service?

      Now how many new Russian submarines, both Yassen and Boreii have been launched and entered active service, during that period?

      Does the US have a submarine that can actually take ground samples from the arctic bed? No. So it is actually the US that are way behind Russian and no doubt China with regards new, efficient and cost effective submarines, in full working order.
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      anne00mariein reply toivanwa88(Show commentHide comment)
      ivanwa88, I checked out if Sputnik had been taken over recently, owing to several articles being the same as what the Western Media churns out. They have not, but they purchase articles from various news agencies. Perhaps the agency this article came from, seriously needs to be reviewed.
    • Jammy
      The trouble is not having new weapon systems but using them because the S400's in Syria kept getting turned off and Putin does not have the balls to shoot the americans out of the sky in Syria but instead wants to call them partners.

      Syria/Russia has every right to decide who can fly in it's air-space and the americans are walking all over them because mr putin is not standing his ground so that not only makes Russia look weak but it invites an invasion to Syria.

      Tell me how many boots on the ground does the USA have in North Korea because i make it none and NK is not a patch on russia

      Sorry people i am not here to make freinds and just says it as it is.
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      anne00mariein reply toRuscino(Show commentHide comment)
      Ruscino, Isn't Virginia an old attack class and the new Boreii a new deterrent class? Your point? Especially, since the article focuses on the Yassen Class and not the Boreii class. However, the new Yassen, how many are in various stages of build and how many have now entered active service, compared to the Virginia Class?

      Virginia, they started building back in 2000, but how many are now in active stage? How many Boreii have been launched and now in active stage since then? However, as stated, two different classes of submarines, with completely different requirements.
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