12:03 GMT +325 February 2017
    MoD flight path data shows Russian bomber never entered Turkish airspace.

    Russian Defense Ministry Video Proves Su-24 Never Entered Turkish Airspace

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    While authorities in Ankara have insisted that it shot down the Russian Su-24 bomber after the aircraft entered Turkish airspace, the Russian Defense Ministry has released video proving that the plane never left Syrian airspace.

    According to a leaked letter written to the UN Security Council by the Turkish Ambassador, Turkey’s military justified the shooting down of a Russian bomber by claiming that the aircraft had entered Turkish airspace for 17 seconds.

    But flight data released by Russian Ministry of Defense shows that the Su-24s never entered Turkey, and were attacked while performing legitimate maneuvers over Syria.

    On Tuesday, Turkish F-16s shot down a Russian Su-24M Fencer bomber. One of the pilots has been confirmed dead by Russian authorities, shot by rebel ground units after ejecting.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin described the incident as a "stab in the back, carried out against us by accomplices of terrorists."


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    • Now the Russian anwser will be heard! The double game of erdogan ends here.
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      I understand that there are procedures in place to prevent this kind of incidents. Maybe Russia breached Turkish borders maybe it didn't.. Whatever the case may be this is a cowardly act that puts Turkey in the same camp with ISIL.
    • NO NATO!!!
      Erdogan, you are a vicious bastard!!! I hope you'll pay for this!!!
      Honor and gratitude to the brave Russian Pilots.
    • avatar
      Like they said in the movie independence day nuke the bastards!
    • Neochrome
      NATO has declared the war against Russia a while ago, using all but military means at their disposal, even going as far as arming Al-Qaeda (please can someone explain what exactly is an Al-Qaeda "associate"?), now the shots have been fired as well.
      Let's face it, NATO considers only 2 options: subdue Russia by non military means or subdue Russia by military means, there is no third option that they find acceptable.
      This planet is not big enough for NATO and anyone else.
    • Ragnar
      I guess Erdogan is mad, that his son, Bilal, can not continue with his nasty black market oil business with ISIS in East-Turkey. Well, show is over for the turks. They gambled, it failed. Consequences will come.
    • avatar
      Lucas T Rech
      That's too much to believe. In the same day that French President lands in U.S., the Russia Aircraft supposed violated turkish air space. It is obviously a Erdogan lie to activate the NATO fifth article.
    • S A D
      What turkey is a total mess and betrayal of the highest degree , turkey proves support for terrorists by so doing
    • Shue
      That POS Turkish Sultan has just sign his shit hole Terrorist supporting States death warrant. Guaranteed to be swift and lightning fast. Just watch.
      And my condolence to the Pilots families and the people of Russia.
    • Shuein reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      alesancofc, mark my words, this was an act of terror, approved by the US and NATO. This will be the last time that POS ErDOGan will ever do again.
    • qvasko 15
      It looks like those Turks are really terrorism sponsoring.....They are NATO so they can act cowardly...but they should be stopped once at all...they are responsible for ISIS
    • avatar
      Even if Turkey's statement was true, and I don't believe for a second that it is, shooting the Russian plane because it went into their air space for 17 seconds is ludicrous.
    • Neochromein reply tothegreateststorynevertold.tv(Show commentHide comment)
      They can claim whatever they want, plane was shot down and fell over Syria. Turkish planes are clearly a threat to Russian forces, as such they are legitimate target in Turkish air space or not.
      P.S. And in a broader sense, Turkey is now a legitimate target in a war against terror.
    • choticastile
      Just got to love Russia more everyday!
    • avatar
      Turkish terrorist warehouse F16s must be shot down from now on. Actually, Turkey just made Russian moderates finally realize that some NATO countries are truly double- crossers never to be trusted.
    • avatar
      Turkey claims Russian pilots flew over a sliver of Turkish land 2 miles wide ,and Turkey says warned Russian pilots 10 times in 5 minutes . Ok do the math something does not add up to me.. My guess is the russian pilots were flying 20 mph ...
    • avatar
      The high crime against Russia comes only ONE week after Turkey hosted the G20 meeting to bring stability, prosperity and peace to the World. What a bunch of hypocrites, Turkey and its evil Nato Axis of Evil are. Its payback time. Syria and Russia must close the Syrian-Turkey border and allow no more stolen Syrian and Iraqi oil to cross the border.

      Then Russia shall close Russian airspace for Turkish Airline, stop the South Stream Gas pipeline to Turkey project, stop all flights from Russia to Turkey (no more Russian tourists), stop any gas supply to Turkey (if any, recall the Russian Ambassador and all Russian tourists and residents in Turkey , get the Russian Black Sea fleet into the Med Sea and then bomb the crap out of the airbase where the cowardly Turkish F16 came from.
    • n.petrossov
      That's what Erdogan wanted, he wanted the whole world to talk about him and unfortunately we are doing that. I'm so sad about the pilot.
    • avatar
      There are no excuse for this act from Turkey. No general will stand behind such a cowardish act, but Stoltenberg. Russia took 30 september a responsibility to clean up after Nato's experiments, and thanks for that by shooting an unaware Pilot in his back. This goes into the history as one of the worst betrayel in modern times. I assume this will not go silent in the west, when ordinary men and women see whats done. Lets hope Putin and his team get the strength to react firmly and rational to this. Today Nato might start to breake apart - Stupidity is what glue this ancient aliance togeteher.
    • avatar
      Turkey has been violating the Greek airspace more than 1,000 times each year for about 4 decades. NATO ignores all that. As for the European Union, it offers Turkey funding, and promises to make it a member of the EU soon! This proves that NATO and EU are rather useless as institutions of cooperation and safety. European countries would be better off with a Russian alliance.
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