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    From Russia With Sub? US in Fear of Russia’s Activity in the Atlantic

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    The US is ready to spend as much as $56.5 million on a so-called “sophisticated surveillance device” to be planted in the Atlantic Ocean, similar to the one it already uses in the Pacific; experts say the reason is that “the US military views Russian submarine activity in the Atlantic as both an immediate risk and an emerging long-term threat.”

    The US Navy is seeking $56.5 million to upgrade its ability to detect submarines in fear of Russia’s activity in the Atlantic, according to a Bloomberg report.

    The money is to be spent on a “sophisticated surveillance device,” towed by a ship, similar to the one already in use in the Pacific.

    “As soon as mid-2016, the service also wants to send to the Atlantic a prototype networked undersea sensor system that addresses emergent real-world threats,” the agency quotes a Defense Department budget document as reading.

    Both systems are intended to meet “an urgent requirement” sought by US combatant commanders responsible for Europe and homeland defense.

    “The unclassified requests, still pending before Congress, provide a glimpse into mostly classified programs. They are the Navy’s equivalent of the Army’s well-publicized increase of troop rotations, exercises and equipment repositioning in the Baltics and other locations to reassure European allies,” Bloomberg says.

    Russian-Chinese drills Joint Sea-2015 in the Mediterranean
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    Interestingly enough, though the move is cited to be “in response to assertive naval moves by President Vladimir Putin,” the Navy’s requests are said to be submitted to Congress a month before Russia unveils “a new, more expansive maritime strategy.”

    “The Navy’s proposals are evidence that the US military views Russian submarine activity in the Atlantic as both an immediate risk and an emerging long-term threat,” the agency quotes Tom Spahn, a Navy reservist who writes on undersea warfare issues, as saying.

    “The prototype sensor network will be best used in a choke point like Gibraltar or a stretch of the North Atlantic from Greenland and Iceland to the UK where Soviet submarines transited during the Cold War,” Bloomberg quotes Bryan Clark, a naval analyst for the nonpartisan Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, as saying.

    According to Russia’s new maritime strategy, announced by President Putin in July, the Arctic, the Atlantic and Crimea, as well as cooperation with China in the Pacific, are now among the most important interests of Russia.

    Interesting it might seem, Bloomberg’s report comes on the same day when President Vladimir Putin took an opportunity to descend into the depths of the Black Sea in a submersible and survey the various wonders located on the sea floor, including an 11th century sunken ship.


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