12:23 GMT20 September 2020
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    Analysts at the NSA will no longer be allowed to keep old phone records and we have Edward Snowden to thank for that, Brad Friedman from Sputnik's Bradcast radio show said.

    In today’s broadcast Friedman talks about how the ‘progressives’ went after former NSA contractor Edward Snowden when he came out and showed the world how the NSA was spying on Americans and the rest of the world.

    Now NSA analysts will no longer be able to search a person’s data holding longer than five years of domestic calling records. Under the new document by the US Freedom Act, the government will no longer hold the bulk data which is used to link colors in search of terrorism suspects.

    “On Monday the intelligence office of the director of National Intelligence said in a statement that NSA analysts would lose access to the old database material that they have been keeping for years. The NSA technicians would still be able to access the historic record for an additional three months but then after this allows them to match up new data under the new system which is not being kept by the government but by the private companies, after that time they will destroy all the old data.”

    Friedman further explains that the NSA then plans to purge the records as soon as they get the resolution of a lawsuit over these records by folks like the ACLU, who has asked the courts to block the old system.

    “Some progressives viewed Edward Snowden’s disclosure as a kind of an attack on President Obama and they acted as if they were protecting the president. They turned against Snowden and Glenn Greenwald. They first supported the progressive journalist Greenwald when he was standing up against the Bush administration but as soon as he stood up against Obama they turned and attacked him.”

    “This is ridiculous and silly. The country owes a great debt to former NSA contractor Edward Snowden who continues to languish to this day somewhere in Russia.”

    Friedman concludes that he hopes President Obama “gives clemency to Snowden, since Obama has acted on so much of what Snowden has done but he is not going to do that. I am sure he is not going to.”


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