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    The Damascus sky lights up missile fire as the U.S. launches an attack on Syria targeting different parts of the capital early Saturday, April 14, 2018

    Syrian Residents: 'Balconies Were Filled With Children Watching Missile Attacks'

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    Middle East
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    The situation in Syria has extremely escalated over last week as France, the US and the UK launched missile strikes against government targets in Syria. Sputnik spoke with the residents who witnessed these attacks from the roofs of their houses.

    The views and opinions expressed byA resident of the Ruken Al Din district, close to the attacked settlement of Barxeh, Abu Ali, told Sputnik that he was awakened by the explosions as his house rocked.

    “We immediately rushed to the roof to see what was happening. We realized that they were bombing the Research Center in Barxeh, which is quite close to us. It was clearly visible how the missiles from the air defense systems shot down enemy missiles,” Ali told Sputnik.

    Gazwan Ramadan who lives next to the Hamish road in the Syrian capital told Sputnik that, "early in the morning my family and I woke up from violent explosions, but we were not surprised. We all knew that the Americans and their Western allies were about to attack Syria.” 

    He said that he turned on the television and saw US President Donald Trump, talking about the beginning of attacks on Syria. 

    “Then I left the house, there were already many of our neighbors out on the street. Among the people there was no panic, everyone looked at the flying missiles. This reminded me of the war in October 1973. I was a small child then, but I remember how people hid in bomb shelters and basement houses during the Israeli air strikes,” Ramadan said.

    This time we all stayed at home, moreover, we watched the missiles from the roofs and balconies. All this was due to the work of our air defense system, which shot down enemy missiles,” Ramadan said.

    The Syrian journalist Jaafar Mehanna who lives in Damascus also said that none of his district went down to hide in the basement because Syrians have become accustomed to the dangers over the last 8 years of the war that they did not panic and hide because of another attack. 

    “It was especially memorable because all the balconies and roofs were filled with children who watched the missiles and air defense work. After sunrise, people went to the city center. There, in front of the General Directorate of Television and Radio, they celebrated the victory of the Syrian air defense forces,” Mehanna said.

    The Syrian brigadier-in-chief, retired Muhammed Abbas, told Sputnik that to justify the attacks on Syria, the United States, France and the United Kingdom had used a fabricated deal with chemical weapons allegedly used by a legitimate government, while international laws were completely ignored.

    “In this triple treacherous attack on Syria, the Syrian air defense system showed itself perfectly. More than two-thirds of the missiles launched at our country were shot down. Note that these results were achieved with the help of the old air defense systems of Soviet production, while the enemy used ‘smart’ missiles,” Abbas said.

    The editor-in-chief of the political section of the Syrian newspaper al-Thaurah, Mustafa al Meqdad, has told Sputnik that "the strikes carried out by the Americans on Syria did not decide anything on the battlefield. They will not affect the political resolution of the Syrian crisis. " 

    According to the expert, "this bombing of military and scientific research centers is needed only to cover the effect of the brilliant victory of the Syrian army and allies in Ghouta. The mere liberation of Douma from the terrorists has become an important turning point in the war on terrorism.”

    On April 14, France, the US and the UK launched missile strikes against government targets in Syria, following the alleged chemical attack blamed by the West on the Damascus authorities.

    Damascus has slammed the attack as "brutal aggression," while the Russian Defense Ministry stated that the Soviet-made Syrian air defenses had intercepted most of the missiles.


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