06:30 GMT24 October 2020
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    Syrian air defenses have been on high alert ever since US President Donald Trump threatened to attack the country in retaliation to an alleged chemical attack on the city of Douma, which he believes was carried out by the Syrian Army or other government forces.

    A senior foreign policy adviser to Iran's Supreme Leader has vowed to "stand by Syria's government" in the event of military aggression by the US and the wider coalition it is reportedly attempting to assemble. 

    Ali Velayati also said Iran backs Syria in its battle against the "Zionist Regime," referring to Israel.

    "We will stand by Syria's government against any foreign aggression… Iran backs Syria in its fight against America and the Zionist Regime [Israel]," Ali Velayati told Iranian state TV during his visit to the East Ghouta region in Syria's capital on April 11. 

    Two Israeli warplanes attacked the T-4 airbase in the Homs governorate on April 9 according to the Russian Ministry of Defense, with both combat aircraft firing from Lebanese airspace to avoid Syrian air defenses, which downed an Israeli F-16 in February.

    Syrian surface-to-air missiles (SAMs) reportedly intercepted around half of the missiles launched by Israel earlier this week.

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    However, the missiles which did reach their targets killed seven Iranian military personnel.

    Damascus has repeatedly condemned Israel's attacks on its soil, branding them a violation of the country's sovereignty. With regard to the claims of the Syrian government being behind the alleged chemical attack in Douma, Syrian officials have staunchly denied any involvement. 

    The Russian government has called for restraint and advised against hasty military intervention, as there is no evidence tying President Assad to the alleged incident. 

    Trump seems insistent on militarily intervening in the Syria conflict, but it's unclear if France and the UK are willing to contribute to the war effort.

    UK Prime Minister Theresa May is considering attacking the Syrian Army, but may opt to seek parliamentary approval before committing to such a campaign. 

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