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    While airstrikes by the US-led coalition in Syria have only resulted in terrorists seizing ever new chunks of Syrian territory, the Russian military operation, launched in 2016 , has led to a huge military shift turning the tables against the jihadists, an independent British journalist told Sputnik.

    “Under the US [Daesh] flourished, and the Russian intervention pushed the terrorists back. We’ve seen huge military advances by the Syrian government forces. The world has seen that the US-led coalition is not an honest broker in international affairs, while Russia has assumed an honest stance in dealing with the situation,” Vanessa Beeley said.

    Regarding Russia’s biggest military victories in the Syrian campaign, she said that even though the liberation of cities and villages from terrorist occupation is a huge victory per se, the biggest game changer is that it exposed Western propaganda and bias of the mainstream media against the Syrian government and its allies.

    “And, of course, the liberation of Deir ez-Zor broke the terrorists’ back, so I think that these two great victories  have had a huge impact on the course of the Syrian war,” she noted.

    Mentioning the main diplomatic goals Russia has achieved in Syria, Beeley pointed to the Syrian people’s renewed belief in the government’s reconciliation efforts and the drawing of demarcation lines between those who genuinely seek a resolution of the crisis and the terrorists hell-bent on deposing the Syrian government.

    She also underscored the all-embracing humanitarian assistance Russia has been giving the Syrian people, including mobile hospitals, food and water supplies, etc., while the US and its allies “have done nothing of the sort.”

    “This, for me, is the main difference between what Russia and the West are doing in Syria. The Russian operation has been conducted with strong cooperation with the Syrian government and its allies, and with huge respect for civilian life, while the US-led coalition has deployed indiscriminate bombardments showing no regard for civilian life in Syria,” Beeley continued.

    She also mentioned the ramping up of Cold War rhetoric by the US and other Western governments reflecting their frustration with the geopolitical shift achieved by Russia as an honest broker in international affairs.

    When asked how the US and other countries interact with Russia in solving the Syrian crisis, Vanessa Beeley said that all these countries should be fostering a political resolution of the conflict between Syrians themselves and without any foreign meddling.

    “I think that without Russian media we would have another Kosovo in Syria because Russian media has maintained a high degree of honesty and objectivity that has enabled the Western public to realize that there is really an illegal war of intervention going on in Syria,” she observed.

    Elaborating further, she noted that the West should keep the door open for a peaceful resolution to the conflict, which is exactly what Russia and its allies are trying to achieve in Syria by moving the peace process forward.

    Saturday marks two years since the start of Russia’s military operation in Syria. The campaign was launched in 2016 to support the fight of the

    Syrian government forces against Daesh. Since then, the Syrian Army, backed by the Russian Aerospace Forces, has managed to liberate large parts of the country from the terrorists. According to the Russian Defense Ministry’s latest estimates, the Russian Aerospace Forces have destroyed almost 100,000 Daesh targets since the start of the operation.

    Earlier this month, the joint forces broke the three-year-old terrorist siege of the city of Deir ez-Zor. Moreover, Russia, Turkey and Iran have managed to finally agree on the four de-escalation zones in Syria during talks in Astana.


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