02:49 GMT18 May 2021
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    Advisers to President Trump who are pushing him to deliver strikes on the Syrian pro-government army are rendering him a disservice, according to Russian geopolitical analyst Araik Stepanyan, who also warned of the danger it might pose to the President.

    Araik Stepanyan, executive secretary of the Presidium of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems spoke to Radio Sputnik about the recent attack of the US-led coalition on Syrian pro-government forces near the town of Al-Tanf in southern Syria.

    "I think that Trump's advisers are trying to bring him under accusations of committing war crimes. They constantly violate international laws, but all the blame for it falls on the US President. These very people will then blame him," he told Sputnik.

    "They are rendering him a very bad service, however chances are low that Trump can escape this situation," he added.

    The geopolitical analyst further explained that the US leader has still to form his own team. While he has fired the head of the FBI, but there are still people in the CIA and the Pentagon who, with their false reports, will "drive him to the red line in Syria". Afterwards he will be forced to cooperate, otherwise he is going to be impeached and accused of war crimes.

    Stepanyan also noted the US' law enforcement agencies are clearly worried about the success of the Syrian army and would like to change this situation.

    "The Americans seem to be concerned that the Syrian pro-government forces are clearly pressuring the terrorists. As the results of the Astana negotiations, the terrorists have been separated from the so-called armed "moderate" opposition. Now it turns out that the Americans are shielding the terrorist by calling them the "moderates," he finally concluded.

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