09:47 GMT20 October 2020
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    Fierce battles are taking place in Syria as peace talks begin in Geneva between the Syrian government and opposition groups. Radio Sputnik’s Loud & Clear speaks with Political analyst Marwa Osman about the peace talks and what effect they have on the ongoing conflict.

    As skirmishes between Syrian government forces and militants continue, Osman said she doesn’t believe the peace talks will bring the conflict to an end.

    ​"I think now they are completely separate," she said, "They might be a bit linked when it comes to Raqqa, but otherwise I think its separate because now everybody’s concerned about Ahar Al Sham and ISIS."

    She added, "I truly believe, coming from reports on the ground, that they have intelligence saying that it is actually a green light given from Israel to start the attack and the evidence is the conferences that were held within the Israeli territories with the so-called ‘Syrian opposition’ and the promises that were given to Tel Aviv."

    Osman believes that, "All these skirmishes will leave nothing but violence and spill more blood. It will not affect the Syrian government, nor the Syrian Arab Army in any way, but I think it’s more of a matter of pressure on the Syrian government to tell them that you cannot hold back the Israelis, and to tell them we hold the cards for the so-called rebels in Syria. We tell them when to attack and when not to attack." 

    Loud & Clear host Brian Becker noted, "The Israelis have denied that a warplane of theirs was shot down. They don’t deny that they carried out war strikes against targets in Syria, and they don’t deny the Syrians fired anti-aircraft missiles at them," and asked Osman if there was evidence that an Israeli warplane had in fact been grounded.

    "There’s more than enough evidence that the actual higher command in the Syrian Arab Army gave out a statement saying, 'We downed the plane,'" she said. "That’s all the evidence that we need. Why should we believe Israel when they say that they bombed some sort of convoy of weapons that was going to Hezbollah? What kind of a convoy would go to Palmyra? It’s a desert! If they needed any type of weapon it would come directly from Damascus."

    Osman pointed out that Israeli forces, "bombed the front line where the Syrian Arab Army was fighting against ISIS and gaining ground. They were trying to stop the Syrian Arab Army and specifically they were targeting developed weaponry being used by the SAA given to them by the Russian forces to fight ISIS … They targeted those specific bases to stop their advancement against ISIS, and now they’re saying they were targeting a convoy of long-range ballistic missiles that were going to Hezbollah? I mean come on, they could come up with something better than that."


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