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    US fighter jets in Syria

    US Not Coordinating Strikes in Palmyra With Russia Amid Anti-Daesh Advancement

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    Middle East
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    The US Department of Defense has not been coordinating strikes with Russia taken in the Syrian city of Palmyra, Operation Inherent Resolve spokesperson told Sputnik.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — Daesh recaptured Palmyra last December and the terror group’s gains in the historic city prompted the Syrian army to launch an offensive to retake it. Russia’s General Staff stated on Saturday that the Syrian army has been advancing toward the city.

    "The [US] Department of Defense is not coordinating airstrikes with the Russian military in Syria," Operation Inherent Resolve spokesperson said on Tuesday.

    The spokesperson also noted that the Defense Department "maintains a channel of communication with the Russian military focused solely on ensuring the safety of aircrews and de-confliction of airspace."

    The US-led coalition against Daesh has been carrying out strikes against terrorists’ positions in the city.

    On February 10, nine coalition strikes near Palmyra engaged seven Daesh staging areas and destroyed two tactical vehicles, according to the US Central Command. Another strike on February 12 destroyed an anti-air artillery system.

    "Coalition strikes conducted in Palmyra and other enemy locations are based upon assessments from various intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance platforms which builds situational awareness and feeds information to commanders, intelligence centers, strikes cells, and pilots," the spokesperson said.

    Daesh, outlawed in Russia, first seized Palmyra in the spring of 2015 before being forced out by Syrian government troops with air support from Russian jets in March 2016.

    The militants later made multiple attempts to retake Palmyra culminating in a major assault in early December when Syrian forces retreated to Tiyas.


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      Don't get it twisted. U.S wants to dominate and get SYRIA and build a new gov. This is ALL staged by Israel.
      TRUMP is a PUPPET of Israel and does exactly as told. Even read lies that ASSAD was using gas chambers to kill ten of thousands of civilians mostly women and children. I heard that. And was written by a JEW.
      Before that he was TRUMP.
      Now he is no more. And will engage U.S at Golan and more. And will start a war with Russia.
      Russia should guard itself.
      The ones placing TRUMP at W.H were not Russian bu JEWS. Well European Jews. The real Jews are gone long ago.
      Worst, IS uses exact techniques used by JEWS, over 2 thousand years ago , to gain control of the promised land. They killed everyone and took over the place. In present Israel. Now they Bull Dozing.
      Perhaps is time to WAKE UP? Time Russia FORGET U.S , E.U and do what it MUST. Russia will be fine IF it keeps all cheap. Innovate and create own industries and institutions.
      CARE for CIS EEU 24/7.
      And deepen ties with the RIC. Unless INDIA are traitors. In real life most HINDI people cannot be trusted with NOTHING.

      The truth is that TRUMP wants to use show of force to prove U.S is tougher and that everyone MUST obey. Russia should get ROUGH not tough. And do what it most.
      U.S caused all this mess. With ASSAD MUST GO. Mc Cain , Graham were adamantly about training arming terrorists.
      Go ask the people see how many moderates are there and listen to ATROCITIES. Perhaps the senators should pose as Syrians and go stay there a year at MODERATES controlled areas. Their FAMILY will be ALL RAPED. Must likely them too.
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      and it shows?
    • NATOisEVIL
      Is it the true face of the Donald starting to show?
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      No surprises here.
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      Don't know why the Russians keep pussy footing around and no US involvement will be helpfull, the US needs to be shown the door and locked out!
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