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    Tillerson: US Must Prioritize Defeating Daesh in Syria Before Dealing With Assad

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    Middle East
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    Battle Against Daesh in Syria (155)

    The clear priority is: defeat Daesh - according to Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — The United States must focus on defeating Daesh in Syria first before it attempts to force President Bashar Assad out of power, Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson said in his confirmation hearing at the US Senate Foreign Affairs Committee on Wednesday.

    "We have had two competing priorities in Syria under this [Obama] administration: Bashar al-Assad ‘must go’ and the defeat of ISIS [Daesh]," Tillerson stated. "Carrying both of those out simultaneously is extremely difficult because at times they conflict with one another. The clear priority is: defeat ISIS."

    Tillerson added that by defeating Daesh, the United States can help create a level of stability to focus on dealing with Assad’s exit, and also consider the best options on what may come next after Assad’s departure.

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    Battle Against Daesh in Syria (155)


    Tillerson: Defeating Daesh Must Be US 'Foremost Priority' in Middle East
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      Tillerson are you deaf and dumb the UN has decreed that Assad should stay and that Syria's sovereignty is kept intact.
      Show some respect for the UN otherwise your no better than Kerry. Your statement suggest Syria's sovereignty would be up for grabs so you are happy to go to war with Russia but I guess you think he can be smooth talked by you fat chance 'Attila' .

      I realise you are forced to spew rubbish on your bended knee at these hearings but please think about what you are saying otherwise your credibility will be gone inside a week.
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      need a regime change in murica and remove you
    • 2007harleydavidsonsg
      Come on fellas look at the big picture here. China has interest in Syria oil. The US is currently possibly imposing a navel blockaid on China navel aggressive threats with Japan/ Taiwan Here s a question for you. What interest do you think China has with Assad and Syria oil and what possible implications might this have on a Russian Exxon Mobil oil deal once the sanction are lifted? I'm not claiming that this is indeed what's happening, but what we need to understand is the global implications, its like a giant chess match. Tillerson is a world class negotiator give him some credit.
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