11:13 GMT +323 March 2017
    Fake victim from Aleppo

    Egyptian Police Bust Staged Photo Shoot of 'Wounded Aleppo Children' (VIDEO)

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    Middle East
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    This is why you should double-check any media reports involving images of "wounded children" in Syria. The Egyptian police have prevented another fake story from appearing on your screens. Watch how those fakes are crafted.

    CAIRO (Sputnik) — Egypt's police detained a man for making staged "wounded children" photos, which he was planning to use to misrepresent on social media as photos of destruction and injured people in Syria's Aleppo, the Egyptian Interior Ministry said on Monday.

    "The shooting team, which included photographer's assistants and parents of the children, was detained in the Egypt's province of Port Said," the Ministry said on Facebook.

    According to the Ministry, the police witnessed the shooting process, which was taking place near the vestiges of a building destroyed as illegal under the decision of the local authorities. A girl standing in a white dress covered in "blood" that later proved to be paint drew attention of a police officer driving by. The girl held a teddy bear covered in the same "blood" and had her arm "bandaged".

    The photographer reportedly admitted that he was going to publish these photos on social media as pictures of Aleppo.

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    • avatar
      I wondered how dramatic the national election loss might look on Hillary after Round Two's loss on her (Electoral College). The bag is a nice idea thought, isn't it, for the entire DNC
    • sapper
      The bag is a good idea! Put entire DNC in a bag, tie it up and throw the whole lot in the river!!
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      one of many? (sarcasm on)
    • Mikhas
      They could have made them somewhat more trustworthy with a little help from ISIS Studios inc. Tel Aviv...
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      White Helmets and who are financing them?
    • avatar
      No matter how much we are outraged that won't make an iota difference to our MSM as that will nicely fit their narrative and as they are above law and well protected by our governments they will have a good laugh and nothing else and despite all they will still publish these videos as authentic from Aleppo as a proof of Russian and SAA massacring innocent civilians including children.

      Our media is well aware that vast majority of couch potato citizens are stupid and politically inert and unwilling to make minimal effort to search on internet. They will in full comfort of their couch and sofas watch MSM TV programs and in between reality shows, talk shows, comedy programs and other entertainment TV MDM will squeeze short 5 minutes news and offer all distorted and fake news to the public and immediately after that start with most popular shows in order to prevent any possible taught processing of received information.

      However it is known that such unprocessed information will stick only short time and then fade away, but there is also known that if such short and fake information is repeated long enough it will embed itself in a subconsciousness and by doing so it will become stealthy opinion former. Person will without actually knowing why start to accept imbedded information as something known from forever and it will react accordingly.

      That practice has been used in past by Coca Cola to trigger the thirst and need for drink to the unaware viewers. It was suggestive advertising which influenced human behaviour. It has been banned by law but in given conditions to fight Russia truth spreading media all is allowed. System works like that that a simple message is inserted amongst every 36 pictures and then transmitted. People do not see it due to slowness of eye but subconscious registers it and stores it within itself. That triggers emotions without person realising why.

      Let us hope that out there are monitors who have appropriate slow down equipment to detect such illegal inserts. US Press TV few days ago reported that Obama is lobbying to gain support in congress and senate for authorisation of first nuclear strike on Russia in retaliation for Russian hacking in democrats computers and Killary Repulsive Clinton personal server. If you think that 20 of January is close than think twice, such idiot can start the WW3 which would ensure his current position until the end of war.
    • james
      sputnik didnt want to bother posting transcripts. they assume everyone knows arabic; we dont. i sure would like to know what that girl is saying.
    • Adrienne Adonis
      This fake news photo op was probably going to CNN, NBC , ABC, MSNBC, CBS, Politico, NY Times, NY Daily News
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