23:05 GMT18 May 2021
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    The liberation of Aleppo by the Syrian Army delivers a "heavy blow" to all terrorist groups which have been fighting in the country for over four years, according to Argentine journalist Leandro Albani.

    Leandro has worked as a reporter in the Middle East for the magazine Sudestada and websites such as Resumen Latinoamericano and Marcha.org.

    "But this is also a blow to the United States and its allies, because over the recent months Washington has done everything possible to help all disparate rebel forces regroup," Albani said in an interview with Sputnik Mundo.

    Since Washington’s only goal is to help those groups "regroup and rearm" the liberation of Aleppo is, probably, the "heaviest blow" by the Syrian Army to militants and their foreign sponsors, according to the journalist.

    He also praised Russia’s role as an important player helping stabilize the situation in the war-torn country.

    "Reconciliation and reconstruction plan are implemented the best when Russia is involved," Albani pointed out.

    He added that in the areas of Aleppo controlled by terrorists civilians lived in unbearable conditions.

    "They did nothing for people. They used them as human shields. Now, the city will be rebuilt. But many terrorists escaped, and some militants are still active in Aleppo," he warned.

    According to him, the terrorist threat also remains in northern Syria, where terrorists continue their atrocities in certain regions.

    "The Syrian Army and the Russian military should be braced for new possible attacks," Albani noted.

    The journalist also emphasized that during the past year the Syrian government has made a number of agreements with rebel groups, in order to convince them to lay down arms and return to normal life.

    "As for Western humanitarian efforts, they have been flabby. In fact, the West has done more to support Syrian rebels," he said.

    On Thursday, a special corridor in eastern Aleppo was established to withdraw militants and their families. Over 1,000 people were evacuated from Aleppo during the day.

    First of all, the decision to withdraw militants from Aleppo was made to prevent civilian victims, according to Alexander Zhilin, a military expert and head of the Center for National Security Problems Studies.

    "The evacuation of militants from Aleppo was organized in order to prevent victims among civilians held by them. It was also done to minimize losses in the Syrian Army during clashes in the city streets. So, the territory was liberated without spilling much blood," Zhilin told Radio Sputnik.

    According to him, civilians’ lives were the priority during the Syrian Army’s operation in Aleppo.

    "We just cannot do what the Americans have been doing in conflicts over the recent decades. This is the reason why the mainstream media has been distributing false information about Aleppo," he concluded.


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