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    Supporters of Syria's President Bashar al-Assad carry their national flags and gesture as they tour the streets in celebration of what they say is the Syrian army's victory against the rebels in Aleppo, Syria December 12, 2016

    Why is US Fuming About Aleppo Liberation?

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    Middle East
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    After the Syrian Armed Forces ousted militant groups from eastern Aleppo, freeing the city from rebel control, media outlets including the New York Times immediately cried foul.

    Hundreds of people were seen celebrating throughout Aleppo immediately after the Syrian government announced that the entire city had been liberated from terrorists who had controlled eastern Aleppo for four years. 

    Civilians finally allowed to walk freely reported stories of militants threatening to kill anyone who tried to escape besieged enclaves, using them as ‘human shields.’ Humanitarian organizations working in Syria also confirmed that Aleppo residents are safe after the city was liberated.​

    ​​However, the mainstream media presented a completely different picture: the Syrian army hunting down rebels, executing civilians en mass, and operating an indiscriminate bombing campaign destroying what’s left of what used to be Syria’s biggest metropolis.

    "It’s almost as if two different battles were being written about," Alexander Mercouris, editor-in-chief at The Duran, told Brian Becker on Radio Sputnik’s Loud & Clear program.

    Zeir Ra’ad al-Hussien, a UN human rights official, wrote that the Assad administration is “palpably failing” at protecting innocent civilians, a statement that got amplified by the New York Times.

    “The secretary general himself of the UN Mr. Ban Ki-moon, was previously saying these reports are unverified” Mercouris said. “So we’re basically looking at a propaganda campaign,” he added. For his part, Becker pointed out that “When it’s convenient, the US uses the UN … as an extension of American power, but then gives it the seeming legitimacy of being an international body,” Becker said. The UN accuser is from Jordan, which has been a logistics hub for bringing in resources that produced widespread suffering. “It’s dripping with hypocrisy” he said.


    "He himself [al-Hussein] is a Jordanian prince, he was also part of the international criminal court that was also targeting leadership in former Yugoslavia after the US helped with NATO to bomb and destroy Yugoslavia. So there’s been a long continuum," Becker said. 

    Current anti-Assad propaganda could be the result of interests outside Washington seeking to box in the Trump administration on Syria. Nearby Jordan, for instance, argues for Assad’s downfall “more vigorously” than the US, Mercouris said.


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    • American Socialist
      it's simple: they lost, this throws a wrench in their Middle East Occupation plans, but worst of all.. the world is beginning to see through their lies and propaganda.
    • choticastile
      West is now in full blown hysteria mode-- the impossible happened -- Aleppo was liberated by Syria's own, Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and I think even Iraq... I just don't want to leave any of the many brave ones out. Despite the deceit and lies of the coward in Washington-- their vicious and never ending media lies--!!

      What's more is that Russia and Syria cannot be applauded enough for conforming to International Law and for FM Lavrov's ceaseless efforts and unimaginable patience with the USA-- only to be dropped in the dwang, over and over... All this-- while the US was scheming behind Russia's back-- Yellow comes to mind!

      Nobody in the world could miss the celebrations in the streets of Aleppo-- streets the US and western fake media said were littered with executed people!! Jeez!-- how bloody unreal is that!! One cannot believe that such drivel comes from supposedly one of the most civilised country's on the planet! Further, that while vomiting out their fake news, they were also busy-busy trying to get rid of a legally and fairly elected new POTUS! No for sure, the clowns in Washington is taking America to hell in a hand basket!
    • avatar
      Awww to bad for the Terrorist American government and its baby killing military.
      America better get use to disappointment.
    • avatar
      Antares Prime
      Very well said, choticastile! I couldn't have said it better myself. I'll simply add that they're sore losers. They're not accustomed to not getting their way in Syria, or being able to twist up and invert logic and common sense any time they please. They just feel entitled to do anything they want to anyone in the world they want to, any time they want to. Not in Syria, not any more, now the Syrians don't have to get tossed around as playthings anymore, thanks to the Russians being there to balance it out and help rid them of Daesh and Al-Qaeda monsters.
    • avatar
      The west is simply flipping out. This is the post-Trump victory tantrums all over again. They lost, and don't know how to deal with it. Their demented emotional states cannot grapple with reality, so they make up more blatant atrocity propaganda.
    • avatar
      They are angry because big-bad Russia stands in their way of business.
    • avatar
      Congratulations to the Syrians, Russians and others who fought to liberate the city.
      As for the NY Times, if you put a copy under your kitchen trash can, it absorbs the oily runoffs and keeps it clean. Very useful paper indeed.
    • avatar
      The militant activists and the MSM that support them are back and down to WW I style British propaganda. German - pardon SAA soldiers throwing babies into the air to kill them with their bayonets. German - pardon SAA soldiers are raping nuns and other coy women: Their militant men folk contemplates to kill the females to prevent rape. It is IS and other cultists that rape and murder and not the secular SAA. Yes President Assad has dictatorial powers - but the MSM support file hypocrites that are not democrats on the rise against a despot - they support cultists with views from the middle ages, cultists whose claim to be Muslims is blasphemy. These cultists know no commandments and have no god but war. Their MSM spread war propaganda tells us more about how they waged war against Syria than anything else.

      These cultists torture & shoot any person that is suspected to support the government. And all that do not run to the Mosque with them and shares his money to support them and their cause is suspected.
    • avatar
      Becuase they fell into their deep shit and they will stink whereever they are . The wanning of US is on the rise
    • avatar
      Erik Tretein reply toAmerican Socialist(Show commentHide comment)
      American Socialist, The world has seen though the BS for years, I just am stupefied that western governments still keep up this mantra. I suppose they are trying to keep up the lie until the dust settles (with Assad still in power) and then after the sheeple have lost interest, let the cat out of the bag. Like the US did with the Iraqi war and WMDs. It would have been much worse for the Bush Administration if the WMD scandal happened big time right in the middle of the invasion - eh?
    • avatar
      Because the real powers are morally challenged permanent pre-adolescents and their arrogance can't let them see that they and their subterfuges have been defeated.
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