03:20 GMT15 May 2021
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    As the Syrian army mops up the last pockets of resistance in Aleppo, the locals are already celebrating the impending liberation of their city.

    At this time, government forces have reclaimed 98 percent of the city; the few militants that remain are now making their last stand in a few isolated areas.

    Meanwhile, city residents have taken to the streets to celebrate the impending liberation of Aleppo and the rapidly approaching end of a battle for control of Syria’s largest city, which has raged for over 4 years.

    Russian and Syrian sappers are working tirelessly to clear the recently liberated eastern districts of the city of booby traps; the streets are being cleared of debris while residents start to assess the damage done to their city during years of continuous fighting.

    Obviously, an event of such magnitude hasn't gone unnoticed in the social media.

    ​Some people were quick note the distinct absence of the so called "White Helmets" on the city streets, underscoring who really provides help to the locals when push comes to shove.

    ​Others made startling revelations about vast caches of medical supplies being stockpiled by the militants.

    ​..or about how the militants have apparently attempted to escape retribution by shaving off their beards and blending in with the local populace.

    ​Some people were simply content to observe the locals celebrate their deliverance, noting a somewhat unusually jubilant reaction from people who, according to certain media outlets, were selectively bombed by their liberators.

    ​And it’s small wonder that some observers are genuinely perplexed about certain Western media outlets praising the efforts of some militant-affiliated ‘civil defense’ groups of questionable origins while at the same time blasting the very men and women who strive to aid the suffering people of Aleppo.


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