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    Battle Against Daesh in Syria (180)

    Commenting on the recent renewal of hostilities in the Syrian city of Aleppo, Russian military expert and political analyst Ivan Konovalov told Radio Sputnik why the mere idea of the Syrian government army liberating the city "throws Washington into a tantrum".

    In an interview with Radio Sputnik, Director of the Center for Strategic Trend Studies Ivan Konovalov explained that the US seems to be living according to the laws of the Wild West. 

    "US behavior has recently started looking 'like a Wild West lynch mob," he told Sputnik.

    The political scientist explained that the favorite practice of the settlers of the Wild West was the so-called Lynch Law: the punishment of someone for presumed crimes or offenses usually by death without due process of law.

    He further said that the US seems to pursue the same very practice nowadays in Syria. It is quick to label either Russia or the Syrian government and start accusing them without any proof offered.

    "If we recall the US claims right after the attack on the humanitarian convoy in Syria's Aleppo, they said that they had no proof but they still believed it was Russia. And then they take this to the international arena," the expert said.

    The political analyst also noted that both the US State Department and Pentagon have recently started claiming that Russia has been taking the credit for activities performed by the US in Syria.

    While explaining why it is so important for the US to so hurriedly blame Russia, Konovalov said that the US simply can't afford to admit to its mistakes in Syria. This is why it will continue ruling out all the evidence of Russia's noninvolvement in the attacks.

    "If the US admits that it was completely wrong in accusing Russia of the attack on the humanitarian convoy, it will therefore admit that Russia is only supporting the Syrian army in its attempts to fully liberate Aleppo from terrorists," the expert explained.

    The liberation of Aleppo, in its turn, will effectively change the course of war in Syria, he said. The US can't afford this to happen which is why it is so hysterical about the situation right now.

    "Their already failed policy will be then a total failure in every aspect – political and military," he told Sputnik.

    He also pointed out that the US continues speculating about their so-called Plan B, however, in fact, it has no backup plan.

    "Plan B usually exists only in Hollywood movies. In real life, the US never has any Plan B. The US politicians have been brought up on such movies, therefore they perceive life as if it is in a movie," he said.

    The expert then cited as an example an imaginary attack of an offensive operations drone: an operator is sitting somewhere in Miami looking at the pictures of a drone flying somewhere in Afghanistan. He sees some building and he does not care if it is a school or if there is a wedding taking place there, he just hits it, just like it was a movie.

    Ivan Konovalov suggested that the American attitude to life resembles its Plan B: "they try to frighten everyone, muddy the waters." US policy towards others have never been flexible, he said.

    "Their main postulate sounds like "You have no democracy? Then we are coming for you," he said, adding that Washington has never shown any signs of abandoning this perspective.

    Battle Against Daesh in Syria (180)


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