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    Fighters from the Democratic Forces of Syria prepare themselves ahead of what they said was an offensive against Islamic State militants to take control of Tishrin dam, south of Kobani, Syria December 26, 2015

    Militants in Syria 'Hide Behind False Flags and US Strategy'

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    Washington is theoretically fighting terrorist groups in Syria, but in reality the US is interested in fomenting instability not only in Syria but throughout the Middle East, Syrian military strategist Hasan Hasan told RIA Novosti.

    “All the talk that Daesh (IS/ISIL) has yielded its positions to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) is nothing but a highly-advertised promotion,” Hasan Hasan told RIA Novosti.

    “We are able to see that everything that is happening on the ground differs greatly from what is being presented by the US leaders,” he added.

    As an example, he pointed to those forces which were widely claimed to be getting prepared for an assault on Raqqa, indicating that they are not fighting Daesh near the city of Manbij. This only proves that the US doesn’t have any clear purpose.

    Any military advances near Raqqa have been halted as has been the air support of the US-led coalition.

    A similar situation is Deir ez-Zor Province near the city of Abu Kamal on the border with Iraq, where the US-led coalition forces have given up on their allies – the New Syrian Army.

    The Syrian military strategist is convinced that the US is not only pursuing such tactics in Syria. The basis of their policy is controlled chaos and a New Middle East, which they had hoped for while inflaming the Arab Spring protests.

    These principles, he says, had been worked out as early as in the 1980s for the purpose of establishing global US supremacy this century.

    “With regards to Syria, it was only clear from the very beginning that their interests were down to the support of all parties to the conflict, to be able to inflame the situation on the ground at a certain time and implant terrorism in Syria,” Hasan Hasan.

    The military analyst also added that now the US is trying to portray the criminals as heroes using their mass media sources to be able to portray themselves as fierce fighters against terrorism.

    A similar view is echoed by RIA Novosti correspondent Mikhail Alaeddin, who says that while visiting the city of Osman in Idlib province, Syria, he visited a field hospital which had been abandoned by the militants upon retreat.

    The first thing which caught his attention were the distinct brand marks of the Syrian American Medical Society, a non-governmental organization.

    It was the very same Society which accused the Syrian leadership back in 2013 of using chemical weapons against its civilians. The misinformation campaign nearly ended up with the US bombing Damascus and launching a military intervention in the country.

    As for the use of the false flags as a cover, the correspondent says that the terrorists have understood long ago that their black flag is a bad shield against the airstrikes thus they always have at hand a banner of some of the ‘moderate’ opposition groups.

     More often it is a flag of the Free Syrian Army, which is practically identical to the national flag of Syria but featuring three stars instead of two on the white stripe, and a partly green background rather than a partly red one.


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