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    A group of Syrian rebels supported by US politicians for their “moderate” position, and who received US military equipment, has disbanded after heavy losses.

    'Dereliction of Duty': US Fails to Protect Syrian Rebels It Trained

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    The US fails to protect the only rebel group that remains fighting Daesh after completing the Pentagon’s $500 million train-and-equip program, US media reported, citing a battlefield commander.

    The New Syrian Army (NSA), a small rebel group that was shaped in the beginning of the Syrian Civil War, is considered the only faction of all those taught by American instructors that kept fighting against its enemies after receiving training and American guns.

    According to the Washington Post, last March the group reclaimed from their enemies a small patch at the Tanaf crossing on the Syrian-Iraqi border. Unlike many of the Pentagon’s apprentices, the NSA’s fighters weren’t deserting and weren’t kidnapped by other militants.

    However, this success is at risk, according to the group’s leader, a former officer of the Syrian Army, Lt. Col. Mohammed Tallaa. He said that the NSA had several fighters killed after Daesh attacked the group’s base using a mine-strewn vehicle on May 7. Although Tallaa declined to comment on the exact number of casualties in the incident and on the overall number of fighters in the group, he said that the attack was a sensitive blow to the faction.

    Tallaa underscored that prior to the attack the group had few members, and lacked guns and other equipment. The Americans vowed to allocate supplies to the NSA, but broke their promise, he added.

    “I’m not saying the Americans let us down, but there is dereliction of duty. They are not doing what they could,” he told the Washington Post. “We don’t want the Americans to disrespect the lives of our men.”

    Operation Inherent Resolve spokesman Col. Steve Warren argued that the US responded to the help request from rebels, when Daesh attacked the NSA’s base. But the planes that were directed to the explosion site, arrived there too late, he explained.

    In the aftermath of the attack, US jets carried out a row of attacks against Daesh positions in the area, Warren said. The NSA rebels were provided with new weapons, he added.

    In March, the Pentagon announced the shutdown of its train-and-equip program that failed to achieve its initial objectives of creating factions capable of countering Daesh. Later, the US decided to revive the effort, but on a smaller scale.


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