21:04 GMT +327 February 2017
    Footage released by B'Tselem

    Israeli Soldier Filmed Killing Wounded Palestinian

    Middle East
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    An Israeli soldier has been detained after a rights group released video of him shooting a wounded Palestinian in cold blood.

    The incident occurred Thursday morning. A pair of Palestinian men, Abdel-Battah al-Sharif and Ramzi al-Qasrawi, stabbed an Israeli soldier in the West Bank city of Hebron. Troops fired on both men, killing al-Qasrawi and injuring al-Sharif.

    Video footage filmed by Emad abu-Shamsiyah, and released by rights group B’Tselem, shows one of the troops shooting al-Sharif in the head while the 21-year-old lies incapacitated on the ground.

    Warning: Extremely graphic video

    "I heard gunshots, went outside my house to check what it was, and saw several Israeli soldiers yelling and two youths on the ground," a witness told Ma’an news agency. "A soldier approached one of the youths that was moving while yelling and opened fire on him from zero range."

    According to the Israeli military, the offending soldier had been detained by his unit commander before the video was released.

    A number of similar incidents have been reported by humanitarian groups in recent months.

    Last week, Israeli troops shot and killed three Palestinians near the Kiryat Arba Israeli settlement. Autopsies performed the following day showed the bodies were riddled with bullets that had been fired into the corpses long after the initial incident.

    The incident also left one Israeli soldier dead.

    In February, Israeli soldiers shot 20-year-old Mohamad Abu Khalaf. An autopsy showed that while he was killed by two rounds, his body was littered with dozens of other bullets.

    Over the last six months there has been an uptick in violence. Twenty-eight Israelis and two Americans have been killed in a series of Palestinian stabbings, shootings, and car-ramming attacks.

    During that same period, at least 188 Palestinians have been killed by security forces.

    In February, Israeli Army Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gadi Eisenkot encouraged soldiers to exercise discretion. The country’s chief Sephardic Rabbi, Yitzhak Yosef, however, demanded that soldiers ignore those pleas.

    According to Haaretz, Rabbi Yosef called for the killing of any "armed Palestinian," whether in possess of a gun or a rock.


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    • Skevin
      When you think that so many people have supported jews as victims of the Holocaust and that today you see their sons and grandsons behave like that! What a pity! In one sense it proves that anybody could becom a war criminal.
    • Todor Todorov
      The phrase,"In war there are no murders", fits perfectly here. Though, actions like this will only ensure that the war never ends. Enjoy your lives Israel.
    • AnomicDust
      They don't bother sparing the valuable organs. Daesh must have sold them enough to last for years.
    • Al SAN
      US NATO EU UN Western countries governors and Western media, of course looking at other directions, not the terrorism of Israel. Is this the morale and the values of The Western Club?
    • FlorianGeyer
      More 'Western Democratic Values' in front of our eyes. They do not even try to hide their manic barbarism now.
    • avatar
      Here are some facts: (Read before this is removed)

      Nothing will happen to the coward inbred that shot the helpless wounded, as nothing ever happens to these inbreeds, for this or any other crime, ever.

      It is mostly the Palestinians' fault being murdered like helpless sheep, for 75 years. Even sheep would have grown horns by now, being hit on the head for so many years, to defend themselves.

      Palestinian problem is their gullibility and absolute corruption of every single of their leaders with the millionaire Abbas at the top of the list, whom are all supported by their fool supporters.

      A brave people with an iota of intelligence would bring thousands of weapons into their territory and put up a real fight against these barbaric animals. Throwing rocks by children is the best they can do?

      To pull a knife in an occupation environment where every one of these inbred dogs of Europe has a machine gun is stupid. You need guns.

      The occupation will end if Palestinians pick up arms by the thousands and kill every single Zionist animal on sight and blow up bus after bus instead of filming time and again evidences of Israeli crimes. We all know about these crimes and no one cares any more. Not even Russians.

      Only Iran has gone on a limb for the Palestinians, only to be back stabbed by Hamas the instance they thought Egypt was to be ruled by the Idiotic Brotherhood.

      So, although the animals of humanity Israelis are just that, it is the Palestinian cowardice and corruption that has their children murdered day after day.
    • v76
      This is why the world hates isisrael... they say they have been persecuted for 2000 yrs but thats just because everywhere they go they behave like c.u.n.t.s... and here is a shining example.
    • avatar
      Wow, you should see the obnoxious comments supporting this murdering low life on YT, it's absolutely disgusting. Israhell the terrorist state.
    • avatar
      And U.N says what? No sanctions? Really?
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