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    Russian warplanes destroy Daesh infrastructure in Syria

    French Media Uses Russian Footage to Show ‘Success’ of US Strikes in Syria

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    Violence Erupts as Islamic State Rises (1881)

    TV Channel France 2 showed footage of Russian airstrikes in Syria as the work of the US-led international coalition in a fight against Daesh (Islamic State).

    While covering news from Syria and reporting about airstrikes against Daesh militants, France 2 showed footage first released by the Russian Defense Ministry.

    According to Russian blogger Timofei Vasiliev, the news story said that Russian airstrikes hit civilian targets, as the Russians allegedly don't use precision bombs, instead indiscriminately bombing everything in the area. Unlike the Russians, the French Air Force, which works as part of the US-led coalition, "successfully" bombed Daesh targets, France 2 said.

    The French TV channel, however, couldn't find any footage to prove their point, so it just used footage of Russian airstrikes to demonstrate the precision of Western missiles. No big deal, right?

    First, the channel claimed the Russians were off target, while the Western coalition bombed the terrorists; then France 2 showed footage filmed by the Russian Air Force as the work of the US-led coalition. Awkward.

    The use of the Russian Defense Ministry's videos wasn't a mistake as one might think, but a deliberate lie — the Russian text underneath the footage was deleted, while the video itself is identical to that of Russian airstrikes. Below are original footage provided by the Russian Defense Ministry:

    A similar thing happened on November 19, 2015, when PBS NewsHour, a daily US-television news program, used the footage of Russian airstrikes in Syria, passing them off as US airstrikes.

    Unlike the US-led airstrikes campaign, which doesn't provide footage from their operations, the Russian Defense Ministry is always prompt to release video evidence showing what exactly happened to terrorists and how their operations unfolded. Instead of accusing the Russian Air Force of not being "precise" enough and not bombing Daesh, the Western-coalition should simply shoot its own videos. It can't be that hard.

    Violence Erupts as Islamic State Rises (1881)


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      The western media propaganda liers have no shame. They lie on a daily bases. Every intelligent person doing the least amount of research knows this.

      We live already in a dictatorship. There is not much independent or alternative media left.

      You folks are now as supressed by propaganda as former USSR and more surveilled than in the former Stasi regime.

      To finish off this dictatorship I suggest that EU also starts to build Gulag conentration camps. Just as US has built more than 800 Fema concentrationcamps and made laws that diagnose all oppisition as mentally ill
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      Lmao. Odds are the French and America bombs and missiles are as reliable as the f35.
    • Matrix 68in reply toLinda(Show commentHide comment)
      Linda, your comments are the perfect reason why I'm getting out of Dodge and moving to a galaxy far, far away! Actually I'm gonna move to Russia! I'm done with the lies and tired of supporting a fascist criminal government with my tax dollars. I'm done!
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      Here we have the french media doing what it does best, lie and steel news from others and then used as their bosses success! Wonderful coverage and courage you great people. You are a disgrace to your profession.
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      The french has lost the Charles André Joseph Marie de Gaulle soul and spirit. Now french is a good back stabber like erdogan. Vassals cannot take independent actions.
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      Very French !
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      Not just France. How many other nations are using Russian images to keep their citizens happy?
    • A = π r 2
      Sacrebleu! Deceitful or plain lazy? You'd have thought the editorial team at France 2 would have been a bit more careful with the source checking on its material, unless it was intentional of course.
    • Love for God
      That seems to be a clear COPYRIGHT issue. No credit was given to Russian Defense Ministry (who happen to own the footage).

      Sad, indeed.
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      The French have really gone to the dogs. Worse than CNN.
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