23:06 GMT +324 October 2016
    Syrian government forces' tanks drive in the village of Tal Jabin, north of the embattled city of Aleppo, as they advanced to break a three-year rebel siege of two government-held Shiite villages, Nubol and Zahraa, and take control of parts of the supply route on February 3, 2016

    After Freeing Aleppo Syrian Army, Russian Aircraft Could Focus on Raqqa

    Middle East
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    Russia Versus ISIL in Syria (618)

    The Damascus-led army and Russian aerial forces are apparently close to freeing Syria's largest city of Aleppo, raising hopes that Raqqa, the unofficial capital of Daesh's crumbling Islamic state, could be next.

    "After losing up to 60,000 soldiers in five years of fighting, the Syrian army has suddenly scored its greatest victory of the war – smashing its way through Jabhat al-Nusra and the other rebel forces around Aleppo and effectively sealing its fate as Russia provided air strike operations outside the city," English journalist Robert Fisk asserted.

    Thanks to Russia's military engagement, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has in recent weeks turned the tide of the war against numerous radical groups, who are trying to oust Bashar al-Assad.

    In the last 48 hours alone, the SAA is reported to have taken the key town of Ta'ana and the strategic Barlaheen hilltop in the Aleppo province under control, killing and wounding scores of terrorists, as well as destroying militant infrastructure and military hardware elsewhere.

    The decisive victory of the Syrian Arab Army in Aleppo could well deal a fatal blow to the terrorist group that is rapidly losing territories it once claimed in Iraq and Syria.

    Fighters from the al-Qaida linked Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) marching in Raqqa, Syria
    © AP Photo/ Militant Website, File
    Fighters from the al-Qaida linked Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) marching in Raqqa, Syria

    Daesh "must be learning of the extraordinary developments of the past few hours with deep concern. The everlasting Sunni 'Islamic Caliphate' in Syria doesn't look so everlasting anymore," Fisk added.

    Many experts believe that militant losses on the Syrian battlefield are the primary reason why the Saudi-backed umbrella opposition group left Geneva, instead of making an effort to find a compromise with Damascus. The new facts on the ground in Syria could also explain why Turkey and Saudi Arabia appear to be on the verge of sending ground troops to the war-torn country.

    Russia Versus ISIL in Syria (618)
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    • kasivasantha
      The rules says one after another.GOOD news.
    • vendor
      I would not bother focusing on Raqqa is they are not going to smash it. Instead prevent the invasion from the northern border. Get the Kurds on board and seal the 100km stretch then annihilate Raqqa which would be seen as a statement to all who would consider attacking Syria again. With the Kurds on board SAA can afford more soldiers towards Raqqa. Or stuff it, just attack both at the same time :)
    • megargy
      Merkel's support for the Head-Choppers voiced yesterday in Ankara is deeply concerning.
    • teddy j
      the patriotic army and true peace-loving syrians and russian friends -- may you all be blessed with good fortune in your great effort to defend and regain syria from teh terrorists spawned by america and its minions ..and ''allies" in terror.
    • Trump 2016in reply tovendor(Show commentHide comment)
      vendor, yehudon so what happened to your saud invasion from Jordan? Cunning as the deviil itself, this synagogue of satan !!
    • vendorin reply toTrump 2016(Show commentHide comment)
      WW3 is here, Dumbo, I said if it happens, and if they invade they will or may...these are so called conditional sentences. Comprende, my delusional Orthodox little radical boy. :)
    • Trump 2016in reply tovendor(Show commentHide comment)
      vendor, So that confirms it, but you must have a murdoch accent I presume, very taqqiya !!
    • vendorin reply toTrump 2016(Show commentHide comment)
      WW3 is here, mate, for you I can be a Rabbi and the high priest who would gladly organise a circumcision ceremony with you playing the main role. It would not be any different to your communist ancestors who turned Orthodox after 1990 or before them the pagan Slavs who followed a decree or were forced to convert and then kept the pagan elements within so called Christian Orthodox franchise. You see how many conversion and bend overs happened in your families of serfs. It is because you belong to the primitive class and therefore you are inclined to be an extremist or a radical right winger. Usually extreme right wingers are rather limited in their intellectual abilities but they function far better when they are fully circumcised. So, let's proceed...
    • vendor
      And I really do not speak a word of the language you have been using. What are you trying to say? Could not be bothered looking up on Google, you idiot.
    • Trump 2016in reply tovendor(Show commentHide comment)
      vendor, yehudon or not, that is the question?
    • cmat.wolfgang
      Okay, I looked at the map.
      After Aleppo the entire Western part is in Assad's hand.
      There are a few "Opposition Forces" on the Sout West Close to the Golan heights
      (obviously close to Israel).

      The rest is the easter part with ar-Raqqah and Deir ez-Zor as the largest cities in that very thinly populated area. After Raqqah falls to the Syrian army Forces it would probably be best for IS to run as fast as they can, probably toward Merkel Germany where they are invited by the chancellor woman to continue their massacres.....
    • cmat.wolfgangin reply tocmat.wolfgang(Show commentHide comment)
      Palmyra will fall then probably just by sending some troops there. There is no place anymore to hode and difficult to escape toward Turkey.
    • Mikhas
      Yes, hence the desperation at the pro-terrorist camp, US,"israel", S.A, Turkey and Qatar.
      Especially Erdoganistan who will remain an unreliable world pariah and a breeding ground for various jihadists for a long time.

      Only thing US can and probably will do is to supply their rats with advanced weapons (monkeys playing with hand grenades) in an attempt to stall the anti-terrorist, inflict causalities and in a second fake D-Day thing ride in in the absolute last seconds of the war to claim some of the victory. Negotiations? What negotiations? There is nothing to talk about...
    • cmat.wolfgang
    • vendor
      The moment when the celestial virgins appear ;

    • ivanwa88
      WW3 and vendor your battles bit like US v Russia all over again lies counter lies and some vague truths followed by accusation /threats to assist in body mutilations!!? Sorry but your both off my list in forming the replacement for UN to become MWPLAJD! both of you report to the headmaster after school.
    • vendorin reply toivanwa88(Show commentHide comment)
      ivanwa88, you are right! I merely respond to the idiot's accusations. He comes after me maybe because of my Jewish superiority :) But I perhaps should not for a moment look down to the serfdom and to what they say. I will refrain from any further communique with the uncircumcised :)
    • professor.hornblowin reply tovendor(Show commentHide comment)
      vendor, Excellent map. It's clear that the Turkish border can be sealed easily. So is Erdogan going to breach the border with his camel hordes (the Hedjaz Division)? Difficult question as he has nothing to gain and much to lose, like lots of camels.
    • vendorin reply toprofessor.hornblow(Show commentHide comment)
      professor.hornblow, I do not know. I know that S400 can reach it and if they send only the ground troops now with Aleppo about to fall, having the Kurds on each side and with SAA ahead of them and the Russians airborne they may opt for an incursion via Iraq if they decide to get involved. If that border is sealed and fortified they are done. I expect battles especially when SAA and the Kurds come within 10km zone as the Turks may use artillery from the Turkish territory. And this is also likely as the Russians would not bomb them inside of Turkey as the cry baby Gollum would ask NATO to get involved for violation of their territory. We will see. I am awaiting to see what is going to happen at this week's NATO meeting and who is going to be given orders.
    • Promoting a so-called advance on one front and covering up massive retreats in others? What is the big picture and bottom line? The hideous NATO Zionist Israel Jewry problem still exists and has not been confronted, to be destroyed once in for all. Russia is not confronting the real visible enemy but chasing down mirage after mirage, as a publicity stunt, with no "meat and potatoes" substance. When does one see and confront reality?

      A Vlasov policy of putting ones head in the sand to ignore the Elephant in the room is not a good one.

      Do not ignore and forget to bomb and destroy all the Elephants in the room, including the enemy at and through the Gate. Bomb Kiev, Kurds and all so-called opposition terrorists.

      Free Ukraine, restore lawful Government, and retake all lost territory, empower LNR and DNR more as lawful independent states. With an enemy at and through the Gate, Russia should not be hiding and preoccupying itself in the mirage ridden deserts and forget the obvious doorstep and home territory.

      Also do not forget to lawfully, lawfully mind you, execute with a torturous manner any and all Russians, including all family members, gay or otherwise, who are trillionaires, billionaires and millionaires. Keeping money and resources overseas, in growing cultivated Swiss and other bank accounts, with this new and much loved openness. Including any and all its "chosen people" of God Zionist infused Western based Russia experts, promoting this "Russian" Developmental model. Whose advice this Vlassov regime seeks, time and time again, as the word of their Zionist God.

      After all, deafening yourselves with Rock music may not sufficiently quell the rumble of SS NATO tanks at the Gates of Moscow, to the rescue. Most of all you wouldn't want to give a too telling impression of a much too obvious western Zionist installed Vlasov Vassal Regime, during the last Curtain Rods Revolution that's a puppetry show in motion would you?

      *** Free Viktor Bout and All Pro-Russians, tortured, missing, murdered and or falsely imprisoned, in USA and NATO Secret Prison Axis, Account For All, Remember and Lawfully Avenge All Forevermore.***
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